DIY: Tassel Garland

With the Super Bowl behind us, and Valentine's Day approaching, we're looking for reasons to celebrate. Regardless of what you're celebrating-- life, love, or your favorite yoga retreat-- getting together with your favorite people is always a good idea.

If you're anything like us, hosting a party is a chance to show off your greatest Pinterest success stories (heart-shaped vegan donuts, anyone?). We used the Super Bowl as an excuse for a new DIY project we've been dying to try, fringe tassel garland. Join us for a DIY party;

What You Will Need

Sheets of tissue paper (any color you want)
Cord, twine
Hot glue gun, sticks


1. Take your first sheet of tissue paper, and fold once lengthwise (hotdog-style)

2. Fold once widthwise, then one more time widthwise (hamburger-style)

3. Cut fringe strips, leaving about 2 inches of uncut tissue at the top
*The top should be the side with the folds

4. Unfold, and cut in half along the fold crease

5. Cut along the fold creases again
*You should have four separate sections
6. Plug in your hot glue gun
7. Take one section and roll

8. Then twist
9. Glue and secure the twist, creating a loop hole

10. Repeat until you have a desirable amount tassels 
11. String your tassels on twine
*Note: you may want to glue your tassels in place on the twine

 We love hues of pink, red and taupe for Valentine's Day garland. 

Party on, party animals.