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When visiting California just a few years ago for the first time, Zafuko owner Katia Van Roosbroeck realized the connection and amazing interest of every person to explore inner growth and practice yoga and meditation as a daily ritual. So, she started her travels across the USA and discovered a beautiful appetite from the East to West coast, from North to South and all in between, for holistic healing and practicing. The universe connected her life between Bali and California.

Living over 8 years in Bali as a single mother, fully breathing in daily the spiritual energy of the stunning nature, temples, and blissful local Hindu community, made her dive even more into yoga and meditation than she did before her life in Bali. Yoga and meditation and relaxation are a daily ritual of Van Roosbroeck and most of those who live in Bali, as well as in California and across the USA.

Van Roosbroeck understands not everyone experiences the flexibility as advanced yoginis do and use the classic bolsters and zafus provided in studios. That’s when she realized the need for another model of zafu; weight, size and form matter while practicing. Van Roosbroeck’s friend and owner of Anadeo, Gilles Georget, was also living in Bali at the time. With Anadeo’s experience importing and exporting Asian décor and products related to the discipline of yoga and meditation, they created these gorgeous zafus.

Zafuko is a combination of two Japenese words as we know and use. Zafu means "meditation cushion" and ko means "small".

All Zafuko's products are handmade in their workshops in Thailand.