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Get the support, stability, and cushion you need during your yoga sessions with yoga bolsters and cushions. The best props to help deepen your practices are bolsters, while cushions can also give relief and help with proper support when meditating.

Choose from fun prints or an array of colors for your cushions and bolsters. These yoga props also come in a wide variety of durable fabrics and almost all covers can come off for easy cleaning.

Rectangular bolsters give superior stability and are perfect for restorative yoga or Iyengar yoga, while cylindrical bolsters allow for a deeper forward bend or gentler chest opening. Pranayama Bolsters not only give comfort in seated positions but also give support. Bolsters come in a variety of densities, but for strong support, choose a dense foam or cotton bolster. If you’re traveling, air bolsters are lightweight and offer soft support.

Find the best yoga brands that fit your needs such as Manduka, Chattra, Hugger Mugger, and Wai Lana so you can feel confident in the cushion you choose.