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Keeping your feminine style while you stretch it out in the studio is made easy with our site's collection of yoga skirts and dresses. Whether you want to maintain a fancier fashion statement while you work out or you want something to take you from the studio to the streets, your sense of style can be expressed in and out of your yoga sessions.

Yoga skorts are a perfect option for those ladies wanting the coverage shorts offer to pose without problems, but who still want to keep a girly sense of style. These skirts with attached shorts let you move with ease and are dressy enough to move the party to your favorite cafe or restaurant. Covering up before and after a session can be as easy as throwing on a maxi dress or skirt over your yoga shorts and sports bra, keeping you ready for any activity or event that may come up during the day.

Dress up your yoga wardrobe with comfy skirts and lightweight dresses from the brands you love. Browse our collection from Beyond Yoga, Marika, LIFE Clothing, and more. Don't let the studio keep your feminine style from being shown!