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Practicing yoga doesn't require a lot of equipment, or any at all if you choose, but some more experienced yogis have found certain yoga gear to be useful in their daily practice. Yoga socks and gloves are part of this gear aimed to help yogis better their advancement and make it easier for them to obtain the best session possible.

Most yoga socks and gloves have small grippers on the bottom that stick to your mat. This helps you hold your poses when things start getting sweaty or when you're holding a pose longer than you're used to. These pieces help you keep your focus and eliminate any worries of your feet or hands slipping on the mat. Yoga socks are either toeless or have separate toes, creating an experience similar to that of being barefoot. Yoga gloves also have an open finger design so you can grip the mat securely.

Our site has several kinds of yoga socks so all yogis can pick the pair that works best for her practice. Socks and gloves from Gaiam, Pointe Studio, and Toesox are available for those needing extra grip or for those yogis who simply need some extra warmth in the studio.