Pay It Forward: 15 Easy Random Acts of Kindness

Photo Credit: Wanderlust / Ali Kaukas

With the holidays approaching, we're looking for ways to show our gratitude on and off of the mat. Whether it's your neighbor or a stranger, we challenge you to pay it forward this season. Join us for 15 quick (and easy) random acts of kindness; 

1. Put a flower on someone's car door handle

2. Pay for the person behind you at the coffee shop

3. Donate your extra canned food to a food-bank for the holidays

4. Offer to host a "friends-giving" (Thanksgiving) for you and your friends

5. Buy a meal for a homeless person, or offer them your leftovers

6. When you're enjoying a meal with friends or family, put your phone away and ask how their day was

7. If you get a new yoga mat, donate your old one to a local yoga studio

8. Smile at a stranger on the street

9. Adopt an animal (OK, twist our arms, we'll do it...)

10. Say "good morning" to the first person you see 

11. Offer to teach someone yoga

12. Say "I love you"-- and say it often

13. Offer to help cook and clean when your family gets together for the holidays

14. Ask someone about their holiday traditions

15. Above all, don't forget to say "thank you"