Q&A with Be Love Apparel

We built EverydayYoga.com because we wanted to inspire people to deepen their practice and create their sacred space. Our store is run by people who love yoga, who are steeped in their practice, and who are excited to create a healthy and happy lifestyle. We take a holistic approach when we style our site- we bring in the large trusted brands, but we also bring in a lot of uniquely styled collections. We understand how a yoga practice evolves, so we want to grow with our customers and products. For that reason, each brand we bring on has their own unique personality and a really beautiful passionate story behind them. 

New to the EverydayYoga.com family is Be Love Apparel - They realized that their passion was to serve in their community, and that they could support amazing projects that transform the lives of youth through the creation of beautiful art and fashion. We did a Q&A with Be Love so that we could share their inspirations with you.

1.) Tell us a little about the inspiration behind your brand? company?
Be Love is a social enterprise that donates a significant portion of sales revenue to community projects that empower children and families. With Be Love, our inspiration and intention from the beginning has been to create a ‘vehicle' that would help support the community service projects we believe in. Be Love is the way we have found to give back and serve...to make a difference where we can. We love art and expression. The instrument of fashion is a great way to share positive messages. We create beautiful, quality clothing that inspires & empowers people to think and act according to their conscience.

2.) As a yoga brand, how do your products help customers live healthier and fitter lives?
We know that health and fitness are more than just a physical state of being. They are also very much mental, emotional, and spiritual states. Be Love donates $5 for each product purchased on-line. This giving circle positively affects the buyer and all the people who are touched through the service projects we support. We see this as living yoga. Be Love Apparel speaks to the values of the wearer. Our designs serve as a reminder to be the change we wish to see in the world. There's nothing more healthy and fit than that.

3.) What are some of the materials/fabrics, colorways and designs that you have highlighted for this season?
Be Love strives to balance our high expectations for beauty and sustainability. We are sourcing fabrics that support the ecological health of the planet such as organic cotton, modal, and recycled yarns made from recycled plastics. Our color palate for Spring / Summer 2014 is a mix of dusky pinks, natural whites, sunset / saffron orange and a color surprise or two to illuminate the entire collection.

As for designs, we are particularly interested in the issues of freedom of information and transparency which we consider essential for any healthy democracy. We have a few new designs that will provoke thought and discussion around this topic.

4.) Can you pick two or three items from your collection that you would recommend for a yogi who is just starting out? Must have items for the beginner?
Any of the Be Love styles from our current collection that speak to the individual customer will be treasured. Be Love tank–tops, tank dresses and yoga pants will surely delight the beginner and seasoned yogi alike.

5.) Where do your designers turn to for their design inspirations and how do you work with experienced yogis to further develop product and unique design/technology?
We are always open to friends and family within the yoga community for great ideas and inspiration. We most often find that the ideas for new designs are within our own experiences and hearts. The key is to be present and available for the wisdom and inspiration that is within.

6.) What tips does your brand give on issues related to fit for products being used during a yoga practice?
Be Love. Be True. Be Fearless. Be Free!