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Zafus & Meditation Cushions

During meditation, maintaining proper spine and neck alignment is crucial to allow for the greatest comfort and reduce stress on the spinal components. However, certain postures may be more difficult than others depending on one's flexibility of their ankles, knees, and hips.  On our site, we have a variety of high-quality meditation cushions that come in different styles and shapes to work with your flexibility and body. The Zafu Meditation Cushion, the traditional round pleated cushion, is a great way to provide support in order to maintain proper alignment and comfort during meditation. This meditation cushion raises the hips and upper body so that the legs can rest comfortably. By sitting on the edge of the zafu, the thighs naturally slope down slightly, rolling the hips forward so the natural curve in the spinal column is achieved. With the spine in this position, the back, shoulders, neck, and head assume a comfortable upright posture that is easy to keep during meditation. Taller individuals who may need an extra lift for comfort and stability can try to use a rectangular meditation cushion with the zafu or by itself. Taller people who are less flexible may want to try a v-shaped cushion with a built-in slope for an easier way to get the proper alignment with greater comfort. Choose from one of our designer brands such as Zafuko, Halfmoon, Hugger Mugger, and Gaiam so you can feel confident you're getting the highest quality gear for your meditation needs.