How to Use a Yoga Chair

Yoga uses extension, exertion, and relaxation of the body. The series of these movements are meant to correctly align, strengthen, and stretch the body. Understanding proper alignment is key. Whether you're a beginner yogi or advanced practitioner, adding a yoga chair to your practice can help you achieve this. 

Yoga chairs are incredibly helpful due to their solid structure and easy availability. They can help yogis access key movements and achieve more height, balance, and stability. They allow practitioners to stay longer and relax into challenging asanas, thus attaining their maximum benefit. For these reasons, they are also wonderful for those with injuries or disabilities who wish to practice yoga. 

Here are some ways to use a yoga chair to enhance your practice:

Standing Pose Stability

Get Deeper Into Twists

Strengthening Exercises

Deeper Stretches

There are lots of yoga chairs to choose from. Find the one for you!