DIY: Dreamcatcher

The dreamcatcher, a legend as old as time-- but what does it really mean? Traditionally, dreamcatchers were used to literally catch bad dreams. As the story goes, the circular hoop symbolized the sun and moon traveling each day, while the inner netting created vibes of protection and strength. Today, we see dreamcatchers in all shapes and sizes, catching the hearts of star-gazers and daydreamers alike.  

Aside from it's beautiful bohemian nature, what does a dreamcatcher have to do with In yoga, we love encouraging people to chase their practice. In life, we love encouraging people to chase their dreams. We were so intrigued by the idea of dreamcatchers, that we thought, why not make one for the office? Not to catch the bad dreams, but to remind us of our daydreams. 

In honor of tonight's full-moon, we're planning on a dreamy night. Join us for a DIY dreamcatcher!

DIY: Dreamcatcher

What you'll need

  • 1 metal ring (sizes vary- small, medium or large all work)
  • Leather cord
  • 1 crochet doily
  • Ribbon (we used lace and crochet)
  • Wooden beads, shells, feathers (optional)


1) Cut the crochet doily to size
2) Align the doily with your metal ring
3) Wrap the leather cord around the metal ring, lacing in and out of the doily
4) Cinch the excess cord at the top with a bead and knot
5) Tie on ribbon fringe to the bottom of your dreamcatcher
6) String beads, shells, feathers on the ends of the ribbon
7) Hang it by your computer, above your bed, or in your car

DIY: Dreamcatcher

Dream on, dreamers!