Dressing for Yoga Class: The Buyer’s Guide to Yoga Bottoms

(Photo courtesy of Alo Yoga)

Figuring out how to dress for yoga class can be tough, especially if you're new to yoga. Sure, we're all familiar with yoga fashion. It's hard to miss! The streets are scattered with legging-clad ladies every day. But what every yoga newbie wants to know is: are these trendy trousers just seeking to be stylish or do they serve a practical purpose as well?

As it turns out, there is method in this material madness and you can now put your studio style woes to rest. Here's a quick guide to help you choose the perfect yoga bottoms that are both fashionable and functional.


Keep It Comfy

First things first, let's talk comfort. It's the most important factor to consider when deciding how to dress up your legs for yoga class. Because you'll be moving around and stretching your body in different directions, it's be important to make sure that you don't wear anything that restricts your mobility. Each of those movements shouldn't be ruined by material that's irritating to your skin, so soft and flexible fabric is incredibly important. Zippers, strings, and anything that hangs should be avoided as well, which includes pants that are too long or baggy. This, of course, brings us to...


Leggings - Duh

As you may be figuring out, these skin-tight slacks aren't just for showing off your goods (which, let's face it, they can work miracls for us all!). Because you'll be moving a lot, what you're wearing should move with you. This doesn't mean that your legs are going to be compressed and fighting for air. Designers have these leggings down to a science and a good pair will offer you breathability, ease of movement, and even absorption of sweat.

Some of our popular styles include these Onzie Yoga Capri Leggings and these Beyond Yoga Mesh Behavior High Waist Yoga Leggings.

However, we know that this style isn't for everyone and, even if it is, sometimes we've got to switch things up a bit.

What to Wear When You Want to Lose the Leggings

I'm going to let you in on a little secret: not all yoga bottoms have to be skin-tight. Gasp! In fact, there are plenty of other options.


Joggers are a perfect go-to for those who want to practice yoga in something that's comfortable,

simple, and easy to wear. They are the perfect balance between loose and fitted, which conveniently happens to makes them both cute and comfy. While these stylish sweatpants are lounge-worthy, they are lightweight and offer plenty of breathability, making them wearable both on and off the mat.



Flare Yoga Pants are the perfect go-to for those seeking to express their inner hippie. Wear these to bring a sixties “flare” to the studio. Getting in tune with your essential nature is part of the yoga journey and self-expression can play a key role in that. Flare yoga pants hug comfortably at the hips, are easy to move in, and are, of course, groovy.



Straight Leg Yoga Pants are great a great choice for anyone who doesn't feel like wearing super tight leggings, but doesn't want to wear anything too baggy either. They are tight enough to stay in place when you're moving around, but loose enough to give your skin some space.



Wide Leg Yoga Pants will be your companion for when you need a total vacay from clingy cloth. The flexible fabric hugs the hips comfortably, which is key for practicing yoga. At the same time, the wide leg gives your legs an easy, breezy breath of air.



Shorts are there for you when you want to pass on pants all together. There are plenty of different lengths and styles to choose from. Each of them offers flexibility, comfort, and, oh yeah, cuteness.




There you have it! Functional fashion at its finest.


Got any yoga style secrets of your own? Share them with us in the comments!