DIY: Seashell Arm Candy

We have officially made a splash in summer 2014, and although we still have to proceed with our daily routines, we're allowed to pretend we're at the beach everyday-- right? If you're anything like us, you're sitting at your desk daydreaming of the sand beneath your yoga mat, the salty air, and the warm sun. Well, we've got a quick and easy do it yourself (DIY) that will keep your sandy treasures close, and your endless summer even closer.

DIY: Seashell Arm Candy

Join us, we're making DIY sea shell bracelets.

Side note: we LOVE these bracelets stacked with our favorite mala beads and gypsy jewels.  

 What You'll Need

DIY: Seashell Arm Candy
  • A cowrie shell
  • A yard of cotton braiding cord
  • A half yard of embroidery floss (we suggest a bold, beach-inspired color)
  • A few packs of gold spacer beads
  • 2 cord crimps with loops
  • 1 split ring (we used 6mm)
  • 1 spring ring clasp (we used 7mm)
  • Scissors
  • Pliers 


1. Cut a long piece (about 1 foot) of the braiding cord for your bracelet
2. Cut a 5 inch piece of cord and set it aside for later
3. Thread the braiding cord through one end of the shell and tie it into a knot

DIY: Seashell Arm Candy
4. Bring the other end of the cord across the shell and tie a knot on the opposite side
5. Cut 5-10 strands of embroidery floss and fold them over the cord (to the right of the shell)
DIY: Seashell Arm Candy
6. Take your 5 inch cord and tie it in a double knot around the floss, then trim the excess cord and cut your tassel to a desirable length
7. String your gold beads onto both sides
DIY: Seashell Arm Candy

8. Once you've strung all of the beads, fold the cord at each end of the bracelet and cinch with your cord crimps
9. Squeeze the crimps tightly shut with a pair of pliers and trim the excess
10. Add the split ring to once side, and the spring ring clasp to the other
11. Wear it-- it's a "shore" thing, you're ready for sandy daydreams and sunny asanas

DIY: Seashell Arm Candy

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Next time you're collecting seashells by the seashore, remember that the tan-lines will fade, but the memories (and cool seashell bracelets) last forever.