DIY Crescent Moon Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are a Native American tradition that are meant to promote peace, positive energy, and beautiful dreams. The hoop represents a sacred circle and unity. To celebrate the cycle of the moon and sun through everyday life, here are fun DIY instructions for creating a crescent moon dream catcher!  
What You'll Need:
- Hoop (metal or wood)
- Yarn (2 colors)
- Scissors
- Hot Glue gun
- Crystals (optional)
- Feathers
- Beads
1) Tie the first string of yarn in a double knot at the top of the hoop. Continuously loop the yarn around the hoop until half of it is covered with the yarn.
2) Take the second color of the yarn and tie another double knot on the same top side of the hoop. Continuously loop the yarn around the other half of the hoop until the hoop is completely covered with yarn.
3) Make a loose loop to begin to form a base for a weave inside of the hoop. Continue making loose loops until you end at the bottom of the hoop.
4) Using the first layer of loose loops as your base, weave another set of loose loops. You'll begin to see a pattern take shape.
Continue this process until you reach your desired crescent moon shape.
5) Cut 10 pieces of yarn at arms length to make 5 separate bundles of 10 pieces of yarn each. Loop it through the bottom of the hoop so that it hangs securely.
6) Once you have all 5 bundles tied at the bottom of your hoop, you can then trim the bottom, creating a V shape (or any shape you wish - U, chevron, straight line).
7) Add beads with clear string, feathers with hot glue, and crystals as you desire.
8) Add a long string at the top of the hoop for hanging.
9) Hang near your sacred space or near your bed or wherever you think will benefit you and your practice.
Send us a photo of your creations! We'd love to see how they turned out!