15 Things We Learn From Our Practice

Yoga is more than just touching your toes, it's about what you learn on the way down. With the holidays around the corner, we're feeling extra nostalgic and very thankful-- for our practice and for what it teaches us. Here are 15 things we learn from our practice about our bodies, about our minds, and about life; 

1. Yoga isn't for the flexible, it's for the willing. Regardless of how long you can hold a pose, just showing up to your mat is enough. 

2. Reflection can help you appreciate the little things that are often overlooked.

3. Random acts of kindness are actually really fun (try it, we dare you).

4. We are not alone. 

5. Patience is the virtue.

6. We are what we eat (can we get a "kale yeah"?).

7. If we can learn to control our breath, we can control our mind.

8. Let it go (cue Idina Menzel)-- through our practice we learn to accept the things that we can not change, and we find the courage to change what we can. 

9. Each day is a fresh start.

10. The easiest way to find peace is to be at peace with yourself.

11. There is a voice that doesn't speak, listen to it.

12. Green smoothies are life.

13. Perseverance is the key-- sometimes we fall out of a pose 9 times, before we can hold it on the 10th. 

14. Your vibe attracts your tribe. 

15. Rule your mind or it will rule you (thanks, Buddha).