DIY: New Year's Eve Headbands

2015 is just around the corner -- in the midst jotting down resolutions and vowing to spend more time on our mats, we've got glitter galore on our mind. Whether you're watching the countdown in front of the fire at home, or you're surrounded by strangers in Times Square (if so, we're jealous), New Year's Eve is an excuse to dust off your champagne flutes and cover yourself in sparkles.  

Although we love all pretty party hats and festive headbands, we wanted to try something a little more subtle this year. For 2015, we're ringing in the new year with mini-hat headbands. Don't get your tinsel in a tangle, this do-it-yourself (DIY) project is super easy (and totally worth it). Grab your glitter and join us;

What You Will Need

Paper Party Hats 
A headband
Stapler and staples
Spray Adhesive
Glue (we suggest a hot-glue gun)
Loose Glitter
Some sort of "topper" -- we used a knit pom-pom and glitter branches
Thin Wire


1. Take your full-size party hat, and cut 2-3" off of the bottom
2. Spray your new "mini" hat with spray adhesive and cover in glitter
3. Let dry
4. Attach your topper (you can use the glue or wire for this)
5. Wrap tinsel around the bottom of your mini-hat
6. Staple tinsel every inch around the base of the hat
7. Attach your mini party hat to the headband just slightly off-centered (you can use the glue or wire for this)
8. Set aside to allow the glue to dry
9. Try on your headband and adjust hat where needed

2015 is yours, what will you do with it? #HappyNewYear