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Beach Lulu

THE NAME: What does "lulu" mean anyways? The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines it as "One that is remarkable or wonderful." ? and that is exactly how we feel about the beach! THE DESIGNS: The beach is our muse! A stylish take on beach essentials is our mission. Our designs are hand drawn using bright hues. The standout styles and eye-catching prints give the perfect welcome to sunny days. We love the beach, we love our designs, and we truly hope you enjoy them as much as we do. THE HISTORY: I grew up in Sydney, Australia. As a child, I remember that the trunk of our car was always stocked with the essentials for beach getaways and boy did we take advantage of the abundance of beautiful beaches. Almost every weekend we were at one beach or another. Then, my father got a job in upstate New York in the U.S. and just like that, the beach life was no more. One day, as a teenager, while scraping ice off my car?s windshield, I vowed to move back to someplace warmer. The sea never stopped calling me. Years later, I have been lucky enough to be able to move to Florida, where the beaches are stunning and the lifestyle is easy. I realize I have come full circle. Now my own children are growing up with sand in their toes and experiencing those precious moments that can only be experienced at the beach. See you at the beach!