Why We LOVE Cotton Yoga Clothes

One of the most significant lessons that yoga helps us understand is the importance of being mindful. Mindfulness doesn't have to stop after we step off of our yoga mats, but can be applied to all areas of our post-practice lives. We can carry our yogic state of mind outside of the studio by maintaining awareness and compassion toward the health of ourselves, others, and the earth. This is expressed not only through the food that we eat, but the things that we put onto our bodies as well. One of the best ways to be consciously kind is by making a commitment to wearing organic cotton yoga clothing. Here are six reasons as to why we're crazy about cotton!

Planet-Friendly Production
Organically produced fabrics are much less polluting than energy-intensive synthetic fibers. Purchasing non-synthetic fibers, like organic cotton, promotes an increase in the environmental quality of land and water during production.

It's Better for Your Health
When you wear organic clothing, you're wearing less unhealthy chemicals on your body. Since your skin is your body's biggest organ and absorbs everything you put onto it, it's important to make the things that you put onto it are pure and healthy!

Cotton Promotes a Labor of Love
Purchasing clothing made from cotton that is locally grown and organic promotes an increase in work quality for farm laborers. When working in organic fields, these workers aren't being exposed to cancer-causing chemicals. By buying locally made cotton clothing as opposed to that which is made overseas, you are avoiding clothing that is often made by the cheapest sourced labor from factories that exercise awful working conditions.

Cotton Clothing Lasts Longer
Fun fact: Clothing that is cheaper at the time of purchase is actually usually not the cheaper option in the long-run. Although the price tag of organic cotton clothing might have a higher number on it, it lasts longer through wear and wash than its synthetic clothing counterparts. This means you won't need to replace your clothes as often, which helps you hold onto more money!

Cotton is Soft Without Being See-Through
When you're in downward dog, the last thing you want is to be worried that your sheer yoga pants are giving the person behind you an unpleasant show. Not only are cotton yoga pants super comfortable, but they are thick enough to avoid any chance of being see-through!

Unbeatable Breathability
Cotton is lightweight and breathable, which allows you to sweat it out while maintaining an airy feel!

What are some of your favorite cotton articles of clothing for yoga? Share them with us in the comments below!