Wanderlust Festival Fashions

Last week, the EverydayYoga.com team caught a serious case of wanderlust-- at the Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Squaw Valley, California. Class after class, in the sea of yoga-lovers at this multi-day festival, we wrote down the people, places and things that inspired our practice. As we come back to reality after a weekend of "wanderlusting" in the mountains, we can't help but reminisce on all of the eclectic festival fashions that caught our eye. From dread-locks and bohemian beads, to trucker hats and printed pants, we saw every authentic style under the sun. With our journals in hand, we're sharing our top-five favorite free-spirited styles from the Wanderlust Festival. 

Immediately, you notice the awe-inspiring views and the buzzing crowds of over-the-moon people. Whether you're surrounded by best friends or complete strangers, everyone neighboring you is wearing a smile. So, after you unsuccessfully try to contain your own excited, what else do you see? If you've ever been to a yoga festival, it goes without saying that more is more-- the more colors, jewels, flowers, tattoos, the better. This theory certainly holds true when you throw prints and patterns onto yoga pants. From cosmic capris to floral-inspired leggings, we saw it all. With these eclectic designs walking into classes festival wide, down dog never looked so good!

Credit: Christen Vidanovic/Wanderlust


To top it off, we couldn't help but notice that these pretty pants were paired with graphic tees layered over strappy bralettes. Inspiring words, yoga puns, and sentimental symbols covered the hearts of wanderlusters throughout Squaw Valley. Out with the old and in with the bold. 

Aside from the yoga pant-tank top dynamic duo, there was another power piece in the mix at Wanderlust. Can we talk about all of the onesies (yes, a onesie)? Different from a two-piece combo, the onesie-- or leotard, if you will-- offers a sleek design emphasizing fit and comfort. If you think yoga looked beautiful before, wait until you see these unique unitards hit the mat.

Credit: Amy Hart/Wanderlust


Thankfully, the mostly-blue skies allowed our fellow festival-goers to show off their favorite yoga fashions without having to bundle up in sweaters. With that in mind, we paid special attention to the artwork covering the men and women's sun-kissed arms and legs. We know what you're thinking, colorful ink. Although we did see sleeves of vibrantly-colored tattoos, we're talking about Flash Tattoos. Flash Tattoos are metallic, temporary tattoos that come in varying shapes, sizes and designs-- believe us, they're as cool as they sound. We saw them wrapped around biceps, complimenting shoulder blades, layered to mimic necklaces, and outlining glistening eyes. The silver lining (literally, because they are metallic silver)? Flash Tats come in a pack of 3-4 sheets and last up to 4-6 days, making the mix-and-match possibilities unique to your personality. 

Credit: Ali Kaukas/Wanderlust


Of course, a festival fashion is never complete without some killer arm candy. We saw warrior wrists rocking thick silver cuffs with gorgeous stones. We saw beaded malas stacked one after the other. And we saw wrists wrapped and layered in handmade bracelets. The best part? Lululemon had a DIY friendship bracelet station, so you could grab a friend-- old or new-- and make matching, personalized arm candy. 

At the end of the day, your threads and accessories aren't what matter. What really counts is showing up to your mat and dedicating yourself to your practice. However, we think that if you find something that speaks to you-- whether that be printed leggings, a scarf, a graphic tank, a onesie, a beautiful tattoo, a bracelet, a trucker hat, etc.-- you should rock it with a smile and know that someone, somewhere is inspired by your happiness.