The Yogi Review: Yoga Pants with Pockets

by Outside Expert, Brett Larkin

One of the (many) fun aspects of yoga is all the ways that we get to accessorize ourselves. It's true! If you go to India, you'll find the people ornately dressed, quite literally from head to toe, and traditional attire during yoga practice is no different. While traditional ornate saris are not all that comfortable while practicing yoga, there is still plenty of room for style - especially when the style is also comfortable and practical. I mean, what more could you want?

So let me tell you that I was super psyched to receive this batch of yoga pants with pockets from to test out. Here is my breakdown along with a little rating system so that you know exactly what you're getting when you get any of these leggings.

prAna Leda Yoga Leggings ($47.24)
These leggings feature a high waist, back pockets, detail stitching, and a knit herringbone fabric. I loved the high waist and found the textured fabric, stitching, and pocket location flattering. While I didn't think the back pocket location was as functional as some of the other leggings, it made the pants feel fancy! If you live in yoga pants like me, this pair of leggings might be a fun way to mix things up. Generally, these looked great but lack a bit in comfort and pocket usability.

Comfort Rating: 6 - I found the texture of the fabric and the stitching a bit itchy.
Flattery Rating: 10 - The pockets look great and give these a unique look.
Pocket Usability: 1 - The pockets are fashionable and cute, but the location makes them less usable.

Danskin Shirred 7/8 Yoga Legging ($40)
If you're like me, you had no idea that Danskin made yoga pants, but there's a lot to be excited about with these leggings! This pair is high waisted, has side thigh pockets, and side-seam detail. I loved the high waist, they had a flattering fit on the butt, and they felt secure and supportive. They did feel a bit tight at the waistband and around the ankles though, which might not be comfortable for curvier shapes. The side-seam detail is slimming and the pocket location convenient for holding a credit card or some cash. For slimmer builds, this is a flattering legging that is functional too.

Comfort Rating: 7 - Loved the high waist, but the waistband and around the ankles is a little tight so these may not be comfortable for curvier bodies.
Flattery Rating: 10 - These have a slimming and flattering fit.
Pocket Usability: 10 - The side thigh pocket location is the perfect place to slide your credit card or cash without disrupting your yoga flow - score!

Beyond Yoga Palomino High Waisted 7/8 Yoga Leggings With Pockets ($63.99)
The Beyond Yoga Palomino Leggings have a high waist, side thigh pockets, and the classic Beyond Yoga fabric. I loved the high waist and the fabric is so comfortable. Overall, a functional and comfortable pant but not as flattering as some of the others.

Comfort Rating: 8 - Loved the high waist and the classic Beyond Yoga fabric that is so soft.
Flattery Rating: 5 - Flattering from the back and side, but from the front they didn't do me any favors and made me look wider.
Pocket Usability: 10 - These pockets have that great functional side thigh location and are even spacious enough for a cell phone!

Onzie Gypsy Joggers ($43.99)
These Onzie Gypsy joggers have a loose fit and hip pockets. They are comfortable and a great mix of casual yet chic enough that you could throw on a camisole after class and have a fun summer outfit! In all, a fun pant if you want something a bit different yet versatile to add to your yoga wardrobe.

Comfort Rating: 8 - Liked the loose, easy-breezy feel, but the ankle ties have the potential to be annoying in a fast flow class or in certain postures like pigeon.
Flattery Rating: 6 - They aren't particularly flattering as they are shapeless, but that is the style.
Pocket Usability: 7 - I liked that the hip pockets are spacious and discreet. Unfortunately, because of the style and fabric of the pant, they can't hold more than cash or a card without awkwardly sagging so they're only moderately functional. 

Everyday Yoga High Waisted Go-To Pocket Leggings ($31.98)
I had never heard of this brand but these leggings quickly became a favorite! They feature soft fabric, side thigh pockets, and a high waist. They were so soft they felt like a second skin! These leggings are as comfortable as Beyond Yoga at a fraction of the cost. I loved the high waist and thought these were super flattering. An awesome all-round yoga legging for comfort, flattery, and pocket usability at a great price.

Comfort Rating: 10 - I wanted to live in these and never take them off!
Flattery Rating: 10 - I love that they are simple with no extra seams or lines (they remind me of the Lululemon Wunder Under pant). If you like simple, you'll love these.
Pocket Usability: 10 - The side thigh pockets give you convenient access to your things while keeping them out of the way during yoga or working out and they're big enough for a cell phone. On the downside, the pants are tight enough that your stored items will have visible outlines.

Hardtail Skinny Ankle Cotton Leggings With Pockets ($43.99)
These Hardtail leggings have a wash-denim look, a mid-rise waist, and a more subtle pocket style. I prefer a high waist over the mid-rise of these leggings, but thought they were otherwise flattering. The plain style with just the right amount of detail makes these a versatile, “staple” legging to own. The smaller pocket is more hidden, which I like, but the tradeoff is it's only large enough for one credit card. A nice legging overall if you can do with a smaller pocket.

Comfort Rating: 8 - Not quite as soft as some of the other fabrics.
Flattery Rating: 9 - Loved the plain style with a just a touch of detail. Would rate as a 10 if they had a higher waist.
Pocket Usability: 8 - Not as spacious as some of the other pants and can hold only one credit card, but liked that the pocket is less noticeable.

Spiritual Gangster Hacci Tapered Jogger ($62.99)
These joggers have a more relaxed fit, a drawstring waist, and small hip pockets. The soft fabric and relaxed fit makes them super comfortable, but maybe so comfortable you'd rather lounge on the couch than be active in them! I found the pockets minimally functional because the thin fabric pulls down with anything bulky, like the Onzie joggers. A great legging for comfort, but not my favorite for style or pocket usability.

Comfort Rating: 9 - Very soft material.
Flattery Rating: 6 - Not particularly flattering because of the relaxed fit style. I really didn't like the tie at the waist as it made my shirt look lumpy and unflattering.
Pocket Usability: 6 - These pockets seem more for style than function. The thin fabric means you can't store anything bigger than a credit card and your items show a visible outline.

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