How to Use Therapy Balls to Reduce Tension and Pain

No matter how strenuous our daily activities may be, we all face strain from time to time. Whether it's sitting at a desk all day, enduring a lengthy commute, having inconsistent sleep patterns, or simply being stressed out; engaging in unhealthy postural habits creates painful imbalances in our bodies. One of the most effective solutions for relieving such tension is utilizing yoga therapy balls for self massage.

Therapy balls can help provide relief for muscle and trigger point tension. They can also enhance localized circulation for improved anti-inflammation and oxygenation. Over time, this can increase range of motion in the joints without sacrificing strength and stability. Here are some simple tips on how to use therapy balls for relieving tension and pain.

Find Relief for Your Feet
Stand near a wall or chair for support and place a therapy ball under the arch of one of your feet. While breathing deeply, allow your foot to mold its way around the ball for one minute.

Bend your ankle from side-to-side and move the ball across the mid-foot. Continue this for one minute.

Next, place the ball under your heel and swivel the heel into the ball while attempting to flatten the rubber. Continue this for one minute as well.

Slowly roll the ball directly under the ball of your foot squeeze and release your toes into the ball. Do this ten times.

Switch sides.

Calm Your Calves
While seated on a sturdy surface, roll a therapy ball up from your Achilles tendon and along your calves.

Work both the inside and outside of your calves, as well as into the back of your knee.

While you're doing this, allow your foot to flex and point in all different directions.

Switch sides.

Happy Hamstrings
With the massage ball placed on the sturdy ground, place your hamstring on the ball and begin to slowly roll the muscle over it.

If you'd like to add more resistance, cross your other leg over the top. This will drive more weight down onto the ball and allow you to get a deeper massage in this area which is thick with muscle fibers.

Gleeful Glutes
Sit or lie down and place one or two therapy balls on one of your outer buttocks.
Using firm pressure, drive the ball(s) toward your pelvis (rather than towards your thigh).

Next, lighten the pressure and return to the starting position.

Switch sides.

Love for Your Low Back
Lie on the floor and prop yourself up on your elbows.

Then lift your butt and place two therapy balls under the grooves on either side of your lower spine.

With your weight resting into the balls, use your arms and push into your heels to roll them up no farther than the bottom of your ribcage and back down.

If the pressure is too great resting on the ball, this can be done against a wall.

Cheer up Your Shoulders
Lay down on a solid surface and position a therapy ball between you and the floor, targeting the muscles around your shoulder blades.

Maintain the desired pressure for approximately thirty seconds while extending your arms in different directions. This will ensure that you're massaging the muscles from multiple angles.

Switch sides.

Joyful Jaw
Lie on one side with a yoga block under our head and a therapy ball under your cheekbone. Take 5 deep breaths.

Move your head from side-to side slowly as if saying “no.” Take 5 deep breaths.
Nod your head slowly as if gesturing ”yes.” Take 5 deep breaths.

Slowly open and close your jaw. Take 5 deep breaths.

Switch sides.

These yoga therapy ball exercises should help provide some comfort from head to toe! Share your experiences with us in the comments below!