The #YogaHappy Challenge: Day 10


It's a new year, and time for a new challenge. Whether you are just starting your practice, or wanting to deepen it- we want this challenge to jump start that process for you in 2014. With that said, the #YogaHappy challenge is open to anyone and everyone seeking daily bliss. 

This 21-day challenge includes everything from getting sweaty on the mat to finding yoga in unusual places in your daily routines. Each day we will post a new challenge that connects you to a different part of your practice. The #YogaHappy challenge will inspire mindfulness, presence and our connection to our happy place. 

DAY TEN: Work Flow. Usually by the time Wednesday rolls around, we all need a boost to get us through the end of the week. Today we challenge you to take a 15 minute break from the chatter in your day. Whether you're sitting in class, at the office, or behind the computer at home-- put your work on pause and join us in a Wednesday Work Flow. You can do a quick flow with your friends in the sunshine, or follow along our simple sequence at your desk. We needed a little mid-day pick-me-up here at the EverydayYoga HQ in California, so we jumped in. Join us. Get #YogaHappy. 

TO ENTER: share a photo on Instagram (with #YogaHappy) of you participating in the challenge- whether it is a selfie of your practice, your blissed-out yoga hair, or a picture of what is inspiring you on that day.

LOG YOUR PRACTICE: take a picture every day of your challenge and submit it on Instagram. You can add a description or a new insight if you'd like. Remember: your participation is encouraging someone else to join in and get #YogaHappy. What can be better. You can join us in this challenge on any day!