A Simple Mind-Clearing Meditation for a Fresh Start

If you're looking to clear away mental clutter that's bogging you down, this simple meditation can help! You can use it any time you want to press your brain's re-set button. This easy, four-step meditation will help diminish unpleasant feelings so you can start fresh and move forward with positivity.

Set a timer for as long as you'd like to meditate for. We recommend anywhere from 5-20 minutes, but the length of time is completely up to you.

Take a comfortable seat, either in a chair or propped up on a cushion. Root down through your sit bones and grow tall and long from your spine.

Close your eyes and begin to simply observe the natural rhythm of your breath.

Once you've connected with your breath, begin to deepen your inhales and elongate your exhales.
On every inhale, say to yourself: "I inhale light and endless potential."
On every exhale, say to yourself: "I exhale heaviness and clutter."
Repeat these mental mantras with every inhale and exhale until your timer goes off.

That's it! For the best results, do this meditation daily and journal about what you find yourself bringing in and letting go.

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