How Your Moon Sign Can Help You Be Your Most Badass, Balanced Self

Your moon sign is one of the most important elements of your astrological chart. It helps shape your emotions and reveals the character of your soul. This part of your chart determines how you navigate your subconscious, below-the-surface world.

Your moon sign is based on the location of the moon at the time of your birth. To fully understand your emotions and needs, being familiar with your moon sign is majorly helpful. You can find out what your moon sign is HERE (via Cafe Astrology).

Here are the twelve moon signs and their qualities. Learn about yours so you can master your feelings and be the most balanced version of yourself!

Aquarius Moon
Those with this moon sign are known for their forward-thinking and innovative ways. They are often unconventional, daring, and spontaneous. This free-spirited sign loves friendship and collaboration, but also craves individuality. This can make settling down difficult for an Aquarian moon sign. When Aquarian moon signs do decide to settle down with a significant other, it's important for them to remember to place their loved one at the top of their list of importance so they remember to make them feel special.

Pisces Moon
People who are born with a Pisces moon sign are often known for their sensitive emotions and spiritual nature. Because their emotions are complex, it can be hard for them to describe them for others to understand. However, they are typically highly empathic and often have psychic capabilities. This can make them great healers, but it can be draining for them as well. To protect their energy, it's important that Pisces moon signs “cut the cord” to avoid adopting the emotions of others. In order to feel safe and understood in relationships, Pisces moon signs need to be with those who accept their deep well of complex emotions. A healthy way for them to channel their intuitive, dreamy feelings is through time in solitude and engaging in creative activities.

Aries Moon
Those born with an Aries moon sign tend to be energetic and enthusiastic. They love to dive into new adventures and have a true zest for life. One thing for them to be aware of is that their excited nature can sometimes cause them to act impulsively. To keep their emotions and energy under control, Aries moon signs should have physical or creative outlets – especially those that challenge them. When it comes to romantic relationships, their partners need to understand the Aries moon sign's need for independence and freedom.

Stability is the name of the game when it comes to this moon sign. While they aren't superficial, Taurus moon signs strive for the finer things that last a lifetime. They love comfort, affection, beauty, and to feel as though they are building something that's going to last. This is true for their relationships, as well. They tend to strive for and invest in relationships that are solid, affectionate, and long-lasting. Therefore, their counterparts must be willing to reciprocate the same sentiment. The only common downside of this sign's character is that they can sometimes get a little too comfortable, which often leads to laziness. As long as those born with a Taurus moon sign keep this in mind, they'll be able to remember to keep some pep in their step and remain motivated and forward-thinking.

Gemini Moon
People born with a Gemini moon sign are wonderful socializers and fiery thinkers. They typically love to connect synergistically with others – especially with those who enjoy having intellectual and outside-the-box conversations like they do. Their ways with words work on a personal level as well, as they enjoy expressing their emotions verbally, whether it be spoken or written. However, this can sometimes affect them negatively on an emotional level. Because they focus so much on speaking about their deep thoughts and emotions, they don't always allow themselves to feel and heal through them. This can turn into distraction, restlessness, indecisiveness, judgment, and even depression. Therefore, having people in their lives who can be good sounding boards to help them work through their emotions is very helpful for Gemini moon signs.

Cancer Moon
The Cancer moon sign is all about coziness. They often love to snuggle up in the comfort of their home. They have a deep love for their immediate friends and family, to whom they are very devoted. They are sensitive to the needs of those they care about and always want them to feel nourished, loved, and taken care of. Just as they love to nurture, they appreciate being nurtured themselves, as well. Therefore, it's important for them to select relationships with those who are able to reciprocate the appreciation, love, and care.

Leo Moon
The spotlight calls for those under the Leo moon sign. These entertaining and theatrical folks enjoy having the attention on themselves so that they can shine for the world to see. They desire absolute adoration from their romantic partners, as well. They often have big hearts and love lots of people easily. It's important that they surround themselves by those who accept and respect their energetic, prideful, confident, self-expressive, open hearted spirits. To remain balanced, it's also important that Leo moons remain self-aware so as to not cross the line from confident to ego-driven. 

Virgo Moon
Those born with a Virgo moon sign are known as the service providers. This innate characteristic drives them to help and support others in a constructive way. Therefore, it's no surprise that they like order, organization, and clear boundaries for what is right and wrong. They view their emotions in the same analytical and closely guarded way. This can sometimes be taken too far to the point of being neurotic. To remain balanced, it's important for Virgo moons to remember to breathe and tell themselves that not everything can always be perfect.

Libra Moon
Peace and love are all that Libra moon signs need. They seek harmony in all aspects of their lives, especially interpersonally. This “keeping the peace” mentality can sometimes make them see situations unclearly since they can see either side as right. However, they usually make the best decisions for everyone because they do so out of love. Libra moon signs desire partners that balance them and makes them feel complete. Because they like to craft their world so that it feels harmonious, warm, and fuzzy, this often means that they tend to over indulge. They can keep this in check by making a point to maintain a realistic budget and practice resistance. 

Scorpio Moon
Scorpio Moon signs are passionate and desire transformation. When an individual with a Scorpio moon finds someone they want, they know it and feel it intensively. They express and feel love through intense sexuality. However, it takes a while for them to really, deeply trust people. Once they do obtain it, Scorpios are fiercely loyal. When they find people that they care for, they love to inspire transformation in them as well by making them more open and vulnerable. One thing for Scorpio moons to be aware of is that because they feel their emotions so intensely, it can be hard to express them with their words. Therefore, it's important to surround themselves by those who can help them navigate, express, and work through their inner feelings in a healthy way.

Sagittarius Moon
Those with their moon in Sagittarius possess optimism and wonder. These charming, charismatic people are often the life of the party and a favorite among friends. They love adventure and seek freedom, expansiveness, wisdom, and truth. When it comes to relationships, they aren't always the easiest to pin down, but once they are in a positive relationship that helps them grow, they're sure to stick around for the long haul.

Capricorn Moon
This moon sign is characterized by ambition and responsibility. They are often found in leadership roles, and are the “rock” in times of hardship. Because they adopt these roles, they can sometimes forget to openly face and ask for their own deep feelings and needs. This can cause them to be resentful and feel like the victim. It's important that they have people to confide in who will help support and sort through their complex emotions. Because they can be stubborn in their viewpoints and beliefs, they need to have relationships with those who are understanding of and patient with this.

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