From My Selfie to You: This Year I Promise...


As we travel around the sun another year, we get the opportunity to write a new chapter in our stories. The beginning of a new year is a fresh start and the perfect time to chase your dreams- whether those are big, small, personal or professional. For 2014, we decided to part ways with the traditional "resolution." Instead, we wanted to make "promises." The word in itself holds a powerful, inspiring and magical denotation. The family at has chosen to make promises to hold ourselves accountable in 2014- will you make a promise to yourself too?



"I promise to fast once a week.

I want to change my relationship to food. I remember fasting for 9-days and feeling like a new person at the end.

I realized I think about food A LOT - and I'd eat even when I wasn't hungry. So, this year, I want to use food as my fuel, not as a filler. In the past, fasting always left me feeling lighter in my body and surprisingly calmer in my mind. I promise to fast once a week to clear my body of toxins and calm my mind of chatter."


-Puja Seth, Director

"I promise: to be more positive.

I admit it. When there's a bump in the road, it can throw off my mood sometimes . Worrying and stressing take up too much time. Like the saying goes: Everything will be OK in the end... it always is."

-Megan Mills, Online Content Lead


"I promise to stretch after every exercise.

I do lots of different sports, including yoga. I play tennis, like to jog, ski and often mountain bike on weekends. While Yoga includes a lot of stretching as part of the activity, I don't always stretch when cooling down from the others. This year, I promise I will. Every time. Period."

-Rob Penner, VP Marketing, PR

"I promise to try stand up paddle-boarding (SUP) yoga.

The ocean is my happy place, and I love the idea of combining the art of yoga with the beauty of the water. I think doing SUP yoga would be extremely peaceful, challenging, adventurous, exciting and rewarding-- which is what I hope 2014 will bring."

 -Jordan Turner, Social Media


We challenge you to make a promise to yourself and inspire others to hold themselves accountable. At the very least, promise to soak up every moment, smile often and do what makes you happiest. 2014 is your year to shine!