DIY: Wire Wrapping

Put down your pencil and allow yourself to daydream for a minute. Do you remember the last time you went for a walk by the ocean? Was it with someone special? An old friend. A significant other. A family member. Maybe you found a unique rock, a seashell or a piece of weathered glass?

Sometimes we stumble across nature's beautiful treasures, yet we don't know what to do with them. Well, dust off your sentimental stone, because we've got a DIY that will turn your gypsy finds into a gem. We're wire wrapping shells and sea glass!  

What you will need:

Metal wire
Needle nose pliers
Seashells, stones, or sea-glass


1. Twist one end of the wire into a loop with the pliers
2. Use your hands to wrap the wire around your treasure in any direction
(hint: try to find a crevasse for the wire to rest in for stability)
3. Wrap up, wrap across and wrap more- until you reach desirable design
(hint: make sure your wire crosses over at some point)
4. Snip the excess wire with pliers and secure the loose end under the crossover on the back
5. String your new pendant on your favorite necklace chain

And that's a wrap (pun intended)!