DIY Rose Water

Whether you're crafting for your mom, making something pretty for yourself (because why not?), or baking for bae-- there are so many thoughtful and affordable gifts at your finger tips for Valentine's Day. 

Roses are red, violets are blue-- poems are hard, let's make DIY rose water. 

Rose water is great because it can be used as a natural flavor in mixology or cooking, but it's most common use is as a fragrance. And the best part? It is extremely easy to make for a last minute gift (you're welcome).

Here's what you'll need;

Roses, color optional (we bought a dozen, but 3-4 roses will work)
A large pot
Distilled water


Pluck the petals from the roses, give them a quick rinse and add them to the large pot.

Once all of your petals are plucked, fill the pot with distilled water. Add just enough water so that the petals are covered, but not drowning. Too much water in this step will dilute the end result. Cover the pot with a lid and let simmer on the stove until the petals lose their color.

When the roses have lost their pigment, drain the rose water into a jar. Let the rose water cool, and then store it in a cold place. 

If you're making this for someone else, we suggest tying a hand-lettered name tag, and an extra single rose to the jar for an intimate touch. If the rose water is for yourself, give your inner-wrists a sprits before your Valentine's Day rendezvous. 

Happy Valentine's Day weekend, loves.