DIY: Hand-wrapped Headphones

Whether you're going back to school, traveling home from a long summer abroad, or heading back to the studio, one thing is certain: fall is a breath of fresh (crisp) air. Although everyone loves a little back-to-school shopping and the occasional chai tea latte, we can't help but cling onto our summer seashells. The truth is, we aren't quite ready to part ways with our carefree, tank top, sunshine, messy-bun days. The way we see it is, nothing says endless summer like some free-spirited jams on your iPod, the sun setting behind the ocean's waves, and a sandy yoga mat. 

In honor of our undying love for all-things summer, we're taking our favorite sunny-day tunes, a pair of old headphones, and inspirations from the ocean to our crafting corner. Do you remember those hair-wraps from your 1990-something summer vacation? We're bringing them back (kinda). Join us for a DIY hand-wrapped headphones tutorial. 

What you will need

A pair of old headphones (any kind you can scrounge up from your junk drawer will do)
Embroidery floss (we chose colors that reminded us of the ocean)
A nostalgic playlist playing in the background (cue the beach boys)


1. Start at one end of the headphones near the earbud
2. Choose your first color of embroidery floss, and cut a desirable length (we suggest about a foot)
3. Tie the end of the floss it in a knot at the base where the cord meets the earbud
4. Begin wrapping the long end of floss around the cord (make sure you wrap it around the excess of the shorter end) until it runs out
5. Snip off a piece of your next color (the length will determine the pattern, and is entirely up to you)
6. Tie the end of your second color where your first color ends, to keep it from unraveling
7. Wrap, wrap, wrap
8. Repeat steps 4-6
9. When you get to the end of a cord, double knot the string to ensure that it is secure
10. Repeat until all sections of the cord are covered in string
11. Plug in and rock out in a handmade style

Although we don't want to wrap up our summer adventures, that's a wrap on our DIY (no pun intended). We hope the rest of your summer rocks (literally, rock out with your cool new headphones).