DIY: Gilded Terracotta Pots + Succulents

What's the quickest way to give your small space a makeover-- whether that be your desk at work, your studio apartment, or your teeny, tiny balcony? Add some plants. However, we took it a step further and glammed up our cacti and succulents. We're talking gold-gilded terracotta pots. Join us for a boho-chic DIY;

What you'll need:

  • A plain terracotta pot
  • About 5 sheets of gold leaf
  • Adhesive 
  • Sealant
  • 2 paint brushes
  • And a little bit of patience


1. Dip your paint brush in the adhesive and spread accross the desired area of the pot

2. Let the adhesive sit for a minute or two after it is applied (it should dry into a tacky, sticky substance)

3. Place a sheet of gold leaf onto the desired area (we chose an antiqued look around the top)

4. Once the gold leaf is in place, smooth down any bumps or lines gently with your fingers

HINT: to get the antique look, place smaller pieces of gold leaf around the circumference in sections (as opposed to an entire sheet)-- it will give it that imperfect, jagged look

5. Repeat steps #1-4 until you have covered the pot and are happy with your results

HINT: this is where the patience comes in, gold leaf is very fragile and difficult to work with 

6. Let your golden art dry for about 15-20 minutes

7. After the gold leaf is dried and secure on the pot, run your finger along the edges of the sheets to wipe off any excess gold that may not have stuck or looks out of place

8. With your second paint brush, dip into the jar of sealant 

9. Paint the sealant allover the entire terracotta pot, this will keep your gold leaf from peeling off.

10. Let the sealant dry for 30 minutes (we may have given it more time than needed, but better safe than sorry--right?)

11. Now that you have your gorgeous gilded pot, you can plant your favorite flowers, succulents or cacti (we chose a cactus).

This DIY is gold, literally!