DIY: Flower Crowns

Calling all spring goddesses! We have officially entered the midst of May-- which means a fresh combination of warmer weather, the occasional showers, and beautiful blooms is on the horizon. Whether it's the crisp air, the sun's radiant rays, or the warm pre-summer breeze, there seems to be an unanimous euphoric buzz this time of year.

Naturally, we love all things spring; seasonal lace, longer days, boho-inspired kimonos, spring break (of course), refreshing smoothie recipes, road trips, nature, extra-positive vibes, the return of sandals, floral fragrances, messy top knots, yoga outdoors. But more specifically, we can't get enough of the May flowers that come from April's showers. What do you do with all of your pretty petals? You can arrange them in a vase to brighten up your sacred space, OR you can put them in your hair.

We're making DIY flower crowns, join us! 

What you will need:

Stem wire, 20 gauge
Flowers of your choice
Florist wire, 24 gauge


1. Take two pieces of the stem wire, and bend them into half-circle shapes
2. Bend both ends of the wire to make loops, and twist to secure the loops in place

3. Tie a generous amount of ribbon onto both loops on either side of the wire crown (you will use this to tie the crown around your head later)
4. Cut individual flowers off of the bouquet, leaving 2 inches of stem to attach to the wire
5. Cut the florist wire into 2.5- 3 inch pieces
6. Start on the left side: align the stem of your first flower with the wire crown (stem pointing to the right)
7. Take a piece of the florist wire, and twist it around the stem of the flower-- fastening it to the wire crown
8. Take your second flower, and repeat steps 6 & 7 (your flowers should all face the same direction and overlap one another to hide the previous flower's stem and wire)
9. Repeat until the entire wire crown is covered in flowers
10. When you get to the end (your opposite wire-loop), reverse the direction of the last flower and secure onto the crown with florist wire
11. Place the crown on your head, and tie the ribbon tight into a bow

 Channel your inner flower power this spring.