An Exclusive Q+A with Sara Clark

Yoga and mindfulness teacher, Sara Clark, shares some of her insights in this exclusive Q+A! 

How has yoga affected you? What has it brought to your life?
Yoga has been my greatest awakening and my greatest teacher. Yoga has pulled me out from the depths of despair and has gifted me the capability to enjoy the present moment which is the only place one can truly enjoy life. The introspective tools I have gained from yoga, mindfulness and meditation have allowed me to look deeply within at both my suffering and my limitless potential. I have been able to better understand who I am and, from there, I now listen to my inner wisdom, thus creating a life that has been quite magical and intuitive. I have truly become a co-creator; a power we all possess that yoga reawakens.

Why do you think the world needs yoga?
The world needs yoga because yoga has the capacity to change every life that it touches; it is a science with proven benefits that create positive change. It helps us to rebalance both our mind and our body and the beauty is, you can practice anywhere at anytime.

What would you say to someone who thinks that yoga isn't for them?
I always tell apprehensive practitioners that yoga is like learning a new dance. In the beginning things will feel foreign and perhaps even uncomfortable. But overtime you'll be able to practice with your eyes closed. You will learn how to peacefully dance with your soul.

Fill in the blank: I believe in the power of yoga because...
...tapping into our natural state of peace and love is our birthright and yoga is the gateway. 

Sara is a vinyasa and mindfulness teacher who is known for her compassionate and creative teaching style. She leads workshops and retreats internationally. You can also find Sara teaching regularly on YogaGlo, at yoga festivals all over the country, and gracing the covers of top yoga and wellness magazines. Visit Sara at