20 Thoughts You Have During Your First Yoga Class

No matter how you got to the yoga studio for the first time, the pre-class jitters are always the same. Whether it's for the new yoga pants, a pre-brunch obligation with your girlfriends, to be a better athlete, or out of curiosity-- everyone has been there.

Here are 20 thoughts everyone has during their first yoga class;

1. Why did I agree to do this?

2. My pants match my mat, do I get extra points for that?

3. Okay, we're breathing.

4. Anyone can breathe, right? Easy peasy. 

5. Is it just me, or do we all sound like Darth Vader?

6. Don't laugh, don't laugh.

7. Okay, we're starting. 

8. Wait, was that english?

9. I'll just watch the woman in front of me.

10. Whoa, she's good. And bendy.

11. How long do I have to hold this pose for?

12. Everyone looks so peaceful.

13. And I'm falling over...

14. I hope no one saw that.

15. Oh good, a new pose. This one looks hard.

16. Oh god, please don't fart.

17. Why isn't there a clock in here?

18. Ahhh, savasana. Can I just lay here forever?

19. Namaste. I've been waiting all class to say, "namaste".

20. Wait, it's over? When can I come back?