20 Thoughts You Have During Your First Yoga Class

20 Thoughts You Have During Your First Yoga Class

Hey, aspiring yogis! Are you ready to take the tech world by storm with a side of zen? Dive into the heart-opening, muscle-stretching, occasionally perplexing world of "your first yoga class" with Everyday Yoga. Let's decode the 20 thoughts that pop up like cheeky notifications during this inaugural bendy adventure – all served with a side of humour and a dash of “namaste!”

  1. "Okay, the yoga mat is unrolled. I'm basically a yogi now, right?"
  2. "Wait, are my leggings on inside out? Eh, it's all about inner peace anyway."
  3. "Is it just me, or does the 'easy' pose not feel... easy?"
  4. "Breathing. I can do this. I've been practising my whole life!"
  5. "Uh-oh, the instructor said ‘Don't worry about doing it perfectly,' but I'm pretty sure my downward dog looks like a confused giraffe."
  6. "Focus on a point for balance; do the lasers shooting out of that guy’s eyes into his phone count?"
  7. "I thought 'Warrior' sounded strong, but my legs disagree. Vigorously."
  8. "This studio is more serene than any meditation app I've ever downloaded."
  9. "How does the teacher make folding in half look so... doable?"
  10. "Calm, centred, strong – wait, is this yoga or my latest self-help audiobook coming to life?"
  11. "Child’s Pose is a pose I can get behind. Can we stay here forever, please?"
  12. "Can everyone do a headstand, or are these people part-time acrobats?"
  13. "Deep inhale, and – oh wow, I didn't know I could smell colours, but that incense is definitely purple."
  14. "I don't remember the last time I was this aware of my toes. Hello there, little guys!"
  15. "Tree Pose: Unleash the inner dendrologist in me – Oops, timber!"
  16. "Savasana – sounds like an exotic fruit. Oh, it's a nap. Best. Pose. Ever."
  17. "Am I enlightened yet? No? Okay, maybe one more Om should do it."
  18. "Note to self: 'Yoga bliss' is a real thing, and I've just hit the jackpot."
  19. "Wait, it's over? But I just mentally signed up for a lifetime subscription to this yoga thing!"
  20. "Leaving class, I feel like a superhero – if superheroes wore stretchy pants and carried eco-friendly water bottles."
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Roll out Your Mat!

There you have it – the swirling thoughts and silent chuckles of "your first yoga class" experience. With Everyday Yoga, every pose is a new discovery, and every breath is a step closer to becoming the tech-savvy yogi you’re destined to be. Ready to swap the retweets for retreats, and the likes for lotuses? Your yoga journey has just begun, and trust us, the group chat messages can wait while you're on your mat!

If you've got your own head-scratching or heart-warming musing from your first venture into yoga, we'd love to hear it! Share the mind-boggling, the enlightening, and the whimsical wonders of your first class – let's laugh and learn together. So, keep rolling out those mats, modern-world warriors – your next 'aha!' moment is just a sun salutation away! 🌟🌈🧘‍♀️

See you on the mat!