A Transformational Message from Hanuman Festival

(Photo courtesy of Hanuman Festival)

Hanuman Festival is built upon many dynamic, vibrant parts. But beneath all of the one-of-a-kind souls, various styles of yoga classes, eclectic melodies, and numerous topics of discussion lies the heartbeat of Hanuman Festival, which fuels all of its pieces.

This yoga festival has a very specific mission and it was communicated clearly and consistently throughout the weekend. Here is the message that Hanuman Festival has for its attendees as well as all of you.

(Photo courtesy of Hanuman Festival, by DJ Pierce)

Within each yoga class, panel discussion, and interaction between individuals lived a common thread. That common thread was the message to show up openly, honestly, and vulnerably. This includes both light and dark, joyful and uncomfortable circumstances. Hanuman Festival wants to inspire each person in this world to be present in life as his or her most authentic self and to allow natural expression to come forth, without any forcing. This yoga festival wants you to allow yourself to open up, whether that be with your own voice and heart or your willingness to listen to the truths of others without any judgment or attempts to “fix” what is.

(Photo courtesy of Hanuman Festival)

Hanuman Festival believes that this alone can heal not only ourselves, but our communities and the world, as well. For those of us who attended, this message won't just resonate with us throughout the weekend, but will travel home with us long after Hanuman Festival plays its last song. 

Can you challenge yourself to practice this and invite others to do the same? What a beautiful chain reaction that would be.

“Nothing is wasted energy if you let it all the way in and don't tell a story about it.” - Christopher Wallace during a panel discussion at Hanuman Festival on Sunday afternoon