A Calming Playlist to Combat Holiday Stress

A Calming Playlist to Combat Holiday Stress

Plug in those earbuds, festive folks and holiday multitaskers! Tis' the season for twinkly lights, cozy nights, and... the not-so-jolly stress that sneaks into the happiest time of the year. Fear not, merrymakers, Everyday Yoga has curated a "Calming Playlist to Combat Holiday Stress" that'll have your inner peace jingling all the way. Sync up with us as we swap out those harried holiday tunes for melodies that bring mindfulness and mellow vibes to the forefront of your winter wonderland. Get ready to hit 'play' on a harmonious holiday experience, 4.0 tech style!

1. "Winter Song" - The Head and the Heart

2. "River" - Leon Bridges

3. "Heartbeats" - José González

4. "Baba Hanuman" - Steve Gold

5. "Green Mountain State" - Trevor Hall

6. "Lost In The Light" - Bahamas

7. "Mad World" - Jasmine Thompson

8. "Opus One" - Russ Liquid

9. "Cherry Wine (Live)" - Hozier

10. "This Feeling" - Alabama Shakes

As the final note fades and the echoes of serenity linger in the air, remember that this calming playlist has been your holiday companion, provided by Everyday Yoga. It's wrapped you up like the coziest blanket by the fireside, keeping the holiday hectics at bay and infusing your days with peaceful melodies. So when you feel the flurry of festivities stirring up a storm, press 'play' on these soul-soothing tunes to bring back the peace on earth and goodwill within. May your holidays be merry, bright, and above all, melodiously mellow!🌟🌈🧘‍♀️

See you on the mat!