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7 Directions Smudge Stick

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    The Shamans Market 7 Directions Smudge Stick contains the 6 sacred herbs: sage, cedar, lavender, white sage, sweetgrass, and copal honor. When burned, the smudge stick gives off an aromatic smoke that is designed for Native Americaan blessings and ceremonies.


    • Contains sage, cedar, lavender, white sage, sweetgrass and copal honor.
    • From Taos Pueblo, considerably the oldest continuously inhabited communities in the USA.
    • Supports indigenous culture.


    • Herbs: Sage, Cedar, Lavender, White Sage, Sweetgrass, Copal Honor
    • Size: 7-8 inches
    • Properties: Sage: Healing | Cedar: Protection | Lavender: Safeguard against evil | White Sage: Bless & Cleanse | Sweetgrass: Energy Cleansing | Copal Honor: Energy clearing

    Country of Origin

    • usa icon Made in the USA.

    Shamans Market provides quality products that support a spiritual, harmonious, and healthy life with not only others but with the Earth. In 1994, the creators of Shamans Market began growing their knowledge of earth-honoring wisdom traditions. In particular, the people at Shamans Market explored the wonders of Peru and made great relationships with the inhabitants.

    With time, Shamans Market expanded from Peru and started importing products from skilled artisans from around the world. Some of these countries include Ecuador, Bolivia, Tibet, Central America, USA, and Nepal. As a result, the shamanic community is able to expand while artisans and indigenous people have a fair trade outlet.

    The products offered at Shamans Market are eco-friendly, organic, natural, artisan-made, and fair trade. In addition to these wonderful products, Shamans Market supports non-profits that help the Amazon rainforest and indigenous peoples. Shamans Market continues to grow and enrich the lives of its customers and the artisans who create the beautiful products

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