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Medicine Buddha Meditation Box

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    The Medicine Buddha Meditation Box has everything you need to inspire and enhance your practice. The Medicine Buddha is considered extremely powerful for healing illnesses and purifying negative karma.


    • Contains: - Medicine Buddha prayer flag - Medicine Buddha statue - Greeting scarf - Votive - Medicine Buddha incense - Gold leaf burner
    • Handmade box is printed on the inside flap with Medicine Buddha and Mantra.


    • Box Dimensions: 3" H x 6" W
    • Incense Dimensions: 5.5"
    • Incense Burn Time: 30 Minutes
    • Incense Ingredients: Camphor, Cardamom, Cinnamon Bark, Cloves, Indian Valerian, Juniper, Saffron Flower, Spikenard
    • Keywords: meditation box, meditation, Medicine Buddha, prayer flag, incense, healing, votive, burner, greeting scarf

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    When it comes to yoga supplies, dZi captures the true essence of what it means to be surrounded by things that you love. Every product offered is catered to help evoke all of the feelings that yoga can give you in just one session. With chimes, incense boxes and much more, there's plenty to gain when you add this to your yoga supplies. What we love most about them is their ability to give you a serene sense as you are entering each different pose. The incense that you light can dramatically change your mood as you go from one pose to the next, so making sure you're buying the right kind can be vitally important.

    The importance of feeling relaxed while executing your poses is very important, where you're new to yoga or fully experienced. The tools by dZi can help you feel more prepared when you are practicing yoga. What's great is that these are all perfect whether you're practicing yoga at home, when you're in the studio or even if you're a teacher in a class. Carefully consider what might help you achieve the final stretch that you're trying to reach, or even helping you feel more at ease in your daily life. No matter what, dZi helps you with your yoga needs, see what you prefer and as always, Namaste.

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