The Yogi Review: Women's Yoga Shorts Compared

by Outside Expert, Kristin McGee

If you're a yogi, you definitely need a good pair of yoga shorts. Yoga is often done in a fairly heated room in order to keep the muscles warm and yoga shorts makes this much more comfortable. Knee visibility is also important while practicing yoga so that the practitioner has a clear sightline to see if the knee cap is safely tracking in various poses. Additionally, it's helpful to have skin-to-skin contact in certain poses, such crow and tree, because it helps makes them more stable.

There are so many great styles of yoga shorts to choose from these days. They are all made with different fabrics, colors, and fun patterns. Here are seven yoga shorts from that I reviewed over a period of two weeks. Depending on the type of practice and body shape you have, this guide will help you find the style of yoga shorts that is best for you. Remember that everyone has their own taste and style so this is only a guide to help in your purchasing decision.

NUX Ombre Seamless Lilly Yoga Shorts ($57)
I have always loved NUX seamless yoga wear. I wore NUX all the time when I was pregnant. It is so comfortable. I love these shorts, they are probably one of my favorites. The fit is great and flattering for all sizes. I think the color pops nicely. NUX's seamless design is flawless. The shorts are high rise, seamless and made of a soft microfiber material. The waistband is thick and pulls everything in. The seamless fabric keeps the shorts from squeezing my thighs too tight. I will be wearing these shorts to yoga all summer long.

Mika Yoga Wear Mikela Hot Yoga Shorts ($36)
I think these shorts are super adorable, but they were just a little too short for my liking. I think these are great for a younger crowd or for very slim, confident yogis. I could see myself wearing them as a swim trunk bottom more than in a yoga class. The little ties on the sides are a cute touch and you can pull them to cinch the shorts up so there's some useful functionality to go with the style. The rise of these shorts is pretty low, falling under the belly button. I personally would feel a little uncomfortable running around town in these. However, I do like the material, design, and color. I imagine many Bikram practitioners would love these the most.

Hard Tail High Rise Yoga Booty Shorts ($38)
I remember Hard Tail's roll down black yoga pants being very popular years ago. I had a pair that I wore all the time and found them to be super flattering. These shorts are very similar. They fit great, make my butt look good, are the perfect length, and come up over my tummy. The waistband is soft and doesn't pinch my middle. I like the reinforced front and back seam as well as the fact that they are pre-shrunk and won't get smaller on me. I love the smooth fit without an elastic waistband. I think these are my second favorite of the bunch for yoga class. The color is the only thing I wasn't crazy about, but it has actually grown on me.

Teeki Daisy Sun Shorts ($23)
These Teeki shorts have a super cute, bright and fun daisy design, but they are just a little too short for me. I found them to be similar to the Mika shorts. I think these would be more popular with a younger audience. I would wear the shorts with a black bikini top to the beach or pool, but probably not to yoga class. This is totally personal taste. The material is a breathable four-way stretch and I like that they are made from recycled plastic bottles. Love the environmental angle here. The waist band is elastic-free and doesn't pinch me anywhere. These are also chafe-resistant and anti-bacterial. I could see these being great for Instagram posts or a yoga practice on the beach or outdoors.

Onzie Elastic Yoga Shorts ($43)
I had a hard time with these Onzie shorts because they just didn't hit me in the right places and accentuated my mid-section. I am only six months postpartum after having twin boys, so my body isn't where I want it to be yet. That being said, these cut me off right in the middle. I am an XS in all of these clothes and all of the others fit well except for these. Maybe it's the elastic band that makes these hard for me to wear. If you have a really great midsection you could pull these off. I find the seamless shorts to be much more flattering, but these may work for someone else. Despite the tight fit, the design and pattern are cute.

Marika Balance Constantine Skort ($20.95)
I think this skort is great for someone who wants a little bit more coverage. I would wear it to play tennis in, but it doesn't fit my personal style for yoga class. I think that the colors are pretty and the fit is great. My mom would like it as well, so this skort would work for both younger and older women. The cotton is a bit heavier, so if you don't sweat too much in yoga class you would be ok, but I wouldn't recommend it for someone who perspires quite a bit. The little side panels are nice and the fit is very comfortable. The fabric of the skort didn't pinch my legs, which is a plus. Overall, I don't think a skort is very sensible for yoga practice because it has the tendency to fly up, which would be annoying in certain poses.

Marika Balance Panama Yoga Shorts ($17.95)
I love these shorts for wearing out and about. They're very comfortable and casual. I actually wore them today at the playground with my sons. My favorite aspects of these shorts are the pockets and waist band tie. These are super comfy shorts, but I wouldn't wear them to a yoga class. The bottom is too loose and flies up when I'm in downward facing dog. I love the color, fit, and comfort for my daily life. I could see myself doing some yoga in them if I was outdoors, but wouldn't choose them for a formal class. The material is a heavier cotton, which wouldn't be ideal for a lot of sweat. 

With summer in high gear, yoga shorts are a great addition to your wardrobe. has a huge variety to choose from. I would love to hear what some of your favorite yoga shorts brands are.

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Editors Note: The YO Review is a monthly independent review by outside experts of top yoga products carried on The outside experts do not work for any of the brands or and have provided their unbiased opinions on the products in return for sample product. It's worth it to point out that every yogi has different needs and unique opinions when it comes to feel, fit, comfort and functionality. A review should only be one point of information in any purchasing decision.