The #YogaHappy Challenge: Day 8

It's a new year, and time for a new challenge. Whether you are just starting your practice, or wanting to deepen it- we want this challenge to jump start that process for you in 2014. With that said, the #YogaHappy challenge is open to anyone and everyone seeking daily bliss. 

This 21-day challenge includes everything from getting sweaty on the mat to finding yoga in unusual places in your daily routines. Each day we will post a new challenge that connects you to a different part of your practice. The #YogaHappy challenge will inspire mindfulness, presence and our connection to our happy place. 

DAY EIGHT: It's Monday, and we know that getting back into your weekly routines can be hard after a relaxing weekend. Today we challenge you to do this Energetic Quick Flow from our friends at When you come to the final savasana at the end of the flow, leave your eyes open. Meditate. What do you see? Look at the ceiling, your surroundings, the view. What is the view from your mat? Let the view from your mat inspire you this week. Get #YogaHappy. 


TO ENTER: share a photo on Instagram (with #YogaHappy) of you participating in the challenge- whether it is a selfie of your practice, your blissed-out yoga hair, or a picture of what is inspiring you on that day.

LOG YOUR PRACTICE: take a picture every day of your challenge and submit it on Instagram. You can add a description or a new insight if you'd like. Remember: your participation is encouraging someone else to join in and get #YogaHappy. What can be better. You can join us in this challenge on any day!