How to Get the Most out of the New Moon on May 25, 2017


The tides are high, energies are amplified, and fresh beginnings are upon us. One lunar cycle has come to an end and a new 28-day cycle is ready to begin. New moons offer the perfect opportunity for self-reflection, transformation, enlightenment, and intention-setting.


Like all new moons, this new moon in Gemini is urging us to take time for ourselves, connect with our spiritual practices, and tune in to our deepest desires. What makes this particular new moon unique is that it will be guiding us to focus on our thoughts and how we have been communicating, both to others and to ourselves.


As this new moon challenges us to let go of old, unhelpful habits and embrace change, rest assured that there are tools available for you to utilize so that you will be prepared. Here are 4 things that you can do for tonight's new moon to help you seamlessly surrender to some beautiful new beginnings.


Set Up a Sacred Space

Create a sanctuary that is ready to welcome the coming changes. Gather all of your beloved objects -- the ones that simply make you feel good and grounded. Stones, crystals, candles, and journals all make powerful, magical allies.


To clear your space of old, unwanted energy, light the end of a white sage smudge stick and blow on it until there is a light glow. Let the sage smoke clear stuck and negative energy away. Use it around your own body and throughout your space. This ritual is the perfect way to energetically say, “out with the old and in with the new!”


Say Yes to Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful way to connect deeply to yourself, the world, and beings around you. During your yoga practice, focus on the qualities of the moon. This will help you get in tune with the powerful lunar energy that is looming around.


Because new moons want you to stay grounded and connected, try a pose like Sukhasana (easy seated pose). Because your seat is rooted to the earth and your spine is alert and reaching toward the sky, this pose almost instantly creates a sense of stillness, centeredness, and simultaneous groundedness and alertness.


Heart openers area ideal for new moons as well, as they encourage you to stay open and embrace what the universe has to offer. Inhale your heart up to some Cobra Poses or dance your way into a series of Wild Things. Let your heart sing!


Because communication is the theme of this month's new moon, driving some focus to your throat chakra will be beneficial. Poses like Shoulder Stand or Legs Up the Wall send fresh blood and energy to the throat. They are wonderful for stress relief and relaxation, as well.


Do a Meaningful Meditation

For a meditation during this new moon, you can simply sit or lay down and focus on connecting to the ground below and moon above. While doing so, allow any thoughts that arise to simply float away without attaching any judgment to them.


Remember that being grounded is key, particularly during times of transformation. Too often, we forget to feel the ground underneath our feet. If you happen to feel nervous or are experiencing racing thoughts, try this tree meditation that will help ground you:

Visualize your feet or your seat as having roots that travel down into the earth, through all of the layers, and all the way down to the core. Then, draw that energy from the earth's core all the way up through your feet, through each chakra, out through the crown of your head, and down around you. Continue this until your mind and body begin to settle.


Take Control of Fate by Setting an Intention

Intentions are created from the longings that keep arising within us. New moons are when the universe is listening the most attentively to the intentions that are asking to be heard. Take advantage of this time by making a list of what you would like to invite into your life. Focus on those thought streams, images, and dreams that keep coming up for you and write them out in your journal. In the coming days and weeks, find ways to keep those intention notes at the forefront of your awareness and continue to keep track of your progress in your journal. When the next full moon arrives on June 9, 2017 find ways to take action on those intentions and enjoy celebrating any signs of change.


Do you have any of your own full moon rituals? Let us know in the comments below!