Four Ways to Embrace the Benefits of the Spring Equinox

Spring has officially sprung, bringing about new growth and fresh beginnings. It's time to wake up from a long winter slumber and embrace the transformation that the new season brings. Allow yourself to surrender to the flow of the changing seasons and tap into the fresh spring energy. Here are four ways to tap into and utilize the power of the spring equinox so that you can blossom into your most joyful, vibrant self!

Meditate in the Morning

Each morning provides a chance to begin anew. Meditating right when you wake up for anywhere from 5-30 minutes will leave you with a clear and calm mind so that you can start the new day with thoughtfulness and purpose.

Meditation activates your parasympathetic nervous system, which triggers a deep state of relaxation and reduces stress. Without the presence of stress, the brain produces energy-boosting endorphins, which help you spring to life (without having to rely on caffeine). Other side effects of low stress levels include increased happiness, more creativity, and better sleep.

Meditating in the morning (while your mind is still soft and fluid) allows you to drop into a flow state that makes you adaptable to hiccups and detours throughout the entire day. It rids the mind of cluttered thoughts so that you can move forward with clarity.

Do Yoga Outside

To honor Mother Nature and welcome the new season, take your yoga practice outside! You'll notice that the outdoors will enhance your practice by transforming a stagnant routine into a rejuvenating experience.

An outdoor yoga practice is grounding and reminds us of our interconnectedness with nature. Bring your Om outdoors to feel the invigorating power of sun salutations under actual sunrays and the strength of tree pose while focusing on a real tree.

Nature and fresh air can brush off winter hibernation sluggishness and replenish depleted energy. It increases wakeful relaxation, promotes internal focus, and releases endorphins (the feel-good chemicals that make us feel pleasure).

Incorporate Crystals + Stones

Crystals and precious stones are the jewels of Mother Nature's creation. Not only are they beautiful, but they are powerful as well. They are used by many as tools to heal, energize, transform, and inform the energy fields that they come into contact with. Crystals and stones can provide great support during times of transformation.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for new beginnings and making a fresh start:

Amazonite: This green or blue green crystal helps you make positive life changes by increasing your faith in yourself and the choices that you make.
Celestite: This delicate, shimmering crystal offers clarity to assist with navigation through life chapters. 
Labradorite: This magical, holographic stone can offer support and guidance for important changes and life transitions in order to help you grow.
Moonstone: This lunar crystal has long been used as a stone for guidance through new beginnings by illuminating unknown paths.
Tiger's Eye: This golden stone helps boost self-confidence by releasing fear so that you feel supported to step out of your comfort zone.

You can work with crystals by setting up an alter, carrying them in your purse or pocket, wearing them as jewelry, placing them next to your bed, or meditating while holding them. 

Set an Intention for the Season

Setting an intention means to bring your attention and awareness to a quality or virtue that you wish to cultivate within yourself and your life. The beginning of spring is the perfect time to set a new intention for the season ahead.

Some examples of intentions include: gratitude, patience, awareness, love, positivity, peacefulness, strength, and open mindedness. Once you've decided what your intention will be, focus on it by journaling, making a vision board, or writing it on something that you will see every day, such as your mirror.

You'll notice that as you continue to focus on your intention, your energy will lift and your vibration will increase. That which you set your mind and heart to will soon manifest in your life!

What rituals do you have for embracing spring? Share them with us in the comments below!