Flower Power: Flower Crown Workshop

April showers bring May flowers, right? Well that's what they say, anyway. In the spirit of spring, and bohemian princesses everywhere, the EverydayYoga team had the opportunity to attend a flower crown workshop at the cutest local flower boutique, Petite Petal. With the best from Coldplay, the prettiest florals in all the land, and the sweetest instructor, we created some serious flower crown magic.

We're here to share what we learned and what you'll need to make your own at-home crown (music optional).

First thing's first, you'll need flowers (obviously). The type of flowers you use are totally up to your discretion and style-- we had a beautiful arrangement of blush pinks, neutrals and deep reds. You'll want equal parts filler flowers (ex: baby's breath) and statement flowers (ex: roses). If you use too many full flowers you'll notice the crown will be a little too heavy once you adjust it on your head.

You will also need 12 gauge floral wire, floral tape, scissors or wire cutters, and ribbon.

Let's get started. 

First, take your wire and form it in a semi-circle around your head. Once you have the wire shaped to fit your head, bend each of the ends to make a small loop on either side (you will attach the ribbon here, later). After the end loops are complete, straighten the wire back out to a flat line-- this will make it easier to attach the flowers. 

With your re-flattened wire, begin wrapping the floral tape around the entire base of the wire. As you wrap, pull the tape to activate the adhesive. The tackiness of the tape will help the flowers sit in place once on the crown.

OK. Are you ready? Bring on the flower power.

There are so many designs you can choose from when creating your flower crown-- ombre, a thick and full crown all the way across, or a thinner crown with a cluster of bigger flowers in one focal point. The best part? We've never met a flower crown we didn't like, so it's all based on preference and style. 

Starting from one end, take your first flower (petals facing the end loop) and cut the stem so it's short, but long enough to fasten to the wire. Attach the stem to the wire with a small piece of floral tape. Each flower should overlap the stem of the one before it. Repeat this step until your entire crown is covered. 

Hint: we used small clusters of flowers so that the wire was hidden in all directions (top, bottom, middle).

Once your entire crown is covered, place the crown on your forehead and re-bend to take the shape of your head. If you have achieved your desired shape and positioning, attach the ribbon to each side of the crown by tying a knot through the loop. Take the free sides of the ribbon and tie it around your head so your crown is tight and secure.

Last but not least, channel your inner hippie-goddess and rock your flower crown all day long (we did!). 

Making your own flower crown? Tag us on instagram @everydayyoga and show us!