DIY: Feather Bookmarks

Whether the rain has you trapped inside under a blanket, or the sunshine finds you on the sand-- it is always a good time for a good read. To save the corners of the pages of our favorite books, we created some beautiful do-it-yourself (DIY) bookmarks. Here's what you'll need:


Twigs, branches, etc.
Baby's breath
String, yarn, embroidery floss, hemp, etc.



1. Choose a twig and cut it to a desirable length
2. Tie a feather [or flower, or both] to the top of the twig with your string
3. Wrap the string around (and around and around) the base of the stick
4. Tie the string at the end of the wrapping and cut any excess

Now that you have your own blissed-out bookmark-- it is time to sit down, cozy up, open your mind and get lost in a story.