A Full Moon Ritual for July

A Full Moon Ritual for July

Hey, lunar enthusiasts and celestial celebrators! Are you ready to sync your spirit with the night sky's most luminous moment? As modern life zips by faster than a shooting star, take a timeout this July to bask in the moonlight with Everyday Yoga's specially crafted "July Full Moon Ritual." Let's move beyond the glow of our screens to moonbeam meditations and twilight tranquility. Whether you're a tech-savvy star gazer or a digital dreamer, this ritual is your ticket to aligning with the cosmos, amplifying intentions, and shedding light on the path ahead. So mark your calendars – the July full moon awaits your company!

What You'll Need

The Ritual

If possible, this ritual is great to do outdoors, under the full moon. If you aren't able to get outside, find a quiet place indoors. This is also a powerful ritual to do with with your friends, so feel free to round up your soul sisters.

Create a Sacred Space

1. Create a Sacred Space
Find a place that is clean and decluttered and place crystals and other special items to surround yourself by throughout it. You can play soothing music if you'd like, as well. The aim is to create a personal sanctuary that will allow you to fall into a state of peace and stillness.

Clear Your Energy

2. Clear Your Energy
It's important that your physical surroundings are clutter-free for this ritual, but you can clear the energy around you as well. To do so, light the end of a white sage smudge stick or a Palo Santo incense stick and blow on it until there is a light glow. Let the smoke blow all around your body and throughout your space, which will clear stuck and negative energy away.

Write It out

3. Write It out
Take a few deep breaths to center yourself. Then write down what it is that you wish to release from your life. What do you need to let go of? Perhaps it is a limiting belief, an unhealthy habit, or a toxic relationship. Take some time to really listen to what it is that is calling out to you.

Out with the Old

4. Out with the Old
Tear this page out of your journal, take another deep breath, and say to yourself, “I now let this go, and it is so.” Then, light one corner of the page and place it into the empty bowl or shell and watch as the flames burn what you are releasing.

Count Your Blessings

5. Count Your Blessings
On a fresh page in your journal, write down everything you are grateful for. If you happen to be surrounded by your soul sisters, say these things out loud to each other. Doing so is incredibly powerful and can help manifest your feelings more clearly and give them form.


A Full Moon Ritual for July

Fun Fact!
In yoga, the full moon energy corresponds to the end of an inhalation, which is when the force of prana (energy) is the greatest. This upward and expansive force makes us feel energetic, experience strong emotions, and can make us feel ungrounded. Observing moon days in yoga is a way to acknowledge and honor nature's rhythms so that we can live in harmony with them. 

Roll out Your Mat!

And there we have it, celestial sojourners – as the shimmering July full moon slowly dims, and we wrap up our moonlit ritual, may the clarity and radiance you've embraced carry you forward. With Everyday Yoga as your guide, you've journeyed through a "July Full Moon Ritual" that grounded you in the present, connected you to the universe, and recharged your soul with lunar luster. Remember, the full moon's magic doesn't end when the night turns to day; it's a gentle beacon that continues to guide and inspire. Until the next moonrise, keep your intentions high, your heart open, and your tech at bay, as you radiate the brilliance you've cultivated tonight. 🌟🌈🧘‍♀️

See you on the mat!