6 Simple Eco-Friendly Travel Tips from Amy Ippoliti

6 Simple Eco-Friendly Travel Tips from Amy Ippoliti

Hey eco-explorers and green-hearted globetrotters! Ready to roam the world responsibly without leaving an oversized carbon footprint? Everyday Yoga has teamed up with the eco-fabulous Amy Ippoliti to bring you six simple eco-friendly travel tips that will have Mother Earth giving you a big old "thank you" hug. In our 4.0 technology era, where being eco-aware is as trendy as the latest app, we're here to show you that sustainable travel can be as simple as a tap on your touch screen. So pack your bags (and your bamboo utensils), because we're about to embark on an adventure with impact as light as your packed-to-perfection carry-on!

Plastic is commonly used during travel, but it is also one of the worst things for the environment. Yoga teacher, Amy Ippoliti, is both a frequent traveler and earth conservationist.  When Amy travels, she Iikes to make sure to avoid using any plastic so that she can be waste-free. Here are some of her favorite solutions and plastic substitutes:

Bring Your Meal in a Reusable Food Container
Most meals that are served on airplanes are packaged in plastic, which are thrown out right after the food is eaten. To avoid that, Amy suggests packing your own meal in either a glass or stainless steel reusable food container. Then when you get to your destination, you can continue to use that container for any other takeout or leftovers that you'll have during your trip.

BONUS: You'll get to pack healthier, wholesome, and better tasting food than you would get on the airplane!
6 Simple Eco-Friendly Travel Tips from Amy Ippoliti

Store Leftovers & Snacks in Silicone Ziplock Bags
To accompany your reusable food containers, Amy also suggests using reusable silicone ziplock bags. They are great for storing leftovers, snacks, or any other loose objects. They're durable, packable, and easy to clean - making them perfect, not only for journeys, but everyday life.

6 Simple Eco-Friendly Travel Tips from Amy Ippoliti

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Use Reusable Cutlery for On-The-Go Meals
Avoid having to use plastic silverware when on the plane or for takeout meals. Plastic cutlery can't even be recycled, so it ends up going right into the landfill and into our oceans. Luckily, there are many great options available for reusable silverware. They are often made out of bamboo or stainless steel and many come in lightweight carrying cases. They are great environmentally sound tools to have on-hand.

6 Simple Eco-Friendly Travel Tips from Amy Ippoliti

Stay Hydrated with a Reusable Water Bottle
No need to spend money on wasteful, plastic water bottles. Instead, use a stainless steel or glass reusable water bottle to quench your thirst. Most airports have water stations and fountains so that you can fill up your reusable water bottle with healthy, filtered water. Plus, you won't have to accept water in plastic cups on the airplane.

6 Simple Eco-Friendly Travel Tips from Amy Ippoliti

Use Stainless Steel Straws for Your Beverages
If you're someone who likes to use straws (no thank you, stained teeth), avoid plastic straws by keeping a stainless steel straw on-hand. They're super simple to pack up, and easy to clean. They're also very durable, and perfect for morning smoothies, coffee, or any other beverage.

6 Simple Eco-Friendly Travel Tips from Amy Ippoliti

Cover Up Leftovers with Beeswax Reusable Food Wraps
There's no need for one-time use plastic wrap anymore - reusable beeswax wrap is the way to go! If you like to cook and don't want to waste any leftovers, the lightweight beeswax wrap will keep your food fresh. It comes in various sizes and can be reused multiple times, which will keep both your food and the environment happy and healthy.

6 Simple Eco-Friendly Travel Tips from Amy Ippoliti
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These are some of Amy's favorite items to easily bag up for her trips, and we here at EverydayYoga love using them as well. We hope you enjoy utilizing them, too! You can find many more sustainble products on EverydayYoga.com.

Roll out Your Mat!

And just like that, with Amy Ippoliti's sage advice in your travel tote, you're all set to jet-set the eco-conscious way! These six simple steps are small yet mighty moves for a planet-friendly journey, proving that sustainable travel can indeed merge seamlessly with our high-tech lifestyles. Thanks to advocates like Amy and our friends at Everyday Yoga, embracing eco-friendly travel isn't just for the granola crowd - it's for anyone with a passport and a heart for our beautiful Earth. So let’s get out there and explore the world responsibly, leaving only heartwarming memories (and perfectly filtered Instagrams) in our wake. Bon voyage, my eco-enthusiastic friends!🌟🌈🧘‍♀️

See you on the mat!