30-Day Yoga Challenge

Everyday Yoga's 30-Day Yoga Challenge  

Day 1 - Commit to practicing yoga two to three times per week during this challenge. Need a wardrobe refresh? We got you covered. Shop Yoga Clothing.

Day 2 - Align yourself with a Hatha class on Practyce

Day 3 - Sweat it out with a Hot Yoga class.

Day 4 - Discover a new clothing trend, such as Leotards

Day 5 - Practice with your Mini-Me and match them too! Shop Everyday Yoga Kid's Clothing & Women's Clothing.

Day 6 - Try cross-training to strengthen your flexibility.  Try activities such as running, going on a hike, swimming, or doing Pilates. Keep yourself moving.

Day 7 - Practice the Pose of the WeekCamel Pose. This pose lengthens your spine and opens your heart.  

Camel (Heart Opener) Yoga Pose

Day 8  - Set a daily intention with The Five Minute Journal

Day 9 - Discover the magic of meditation with a Practyce class

Day 10 - Organizing your home studio will spark a smile. Shop Mache's Yoga Mat Tubes & Yoga Block Holders.

Mache's Yoga Mat & Block Holders

Day 11 - Bring positive energy by using healing crystals

Day 12 - Try cooking a new healthy dish. You're sure to find many in this Good Clean Food Cookbook. 

Day 13 - Cleanse your space with smudge sticks and incense

Day 14 - Practice the Pose of the WeekHalf Moon Pose. This pose is great for strengthening your ankles, knees, and legs while opening your chest and shoulders. 

Half Moon Pose

Day 15 - Try meditating for 5 minutes each day. Keep your sit set out as a reminder to relax your mind, body, and soul. 

Day 16 - Detox with Practyce's Energizing Vinyasa class.

Day 17 - Recite a mantra with mala beads. 

Day 18 - Take a seat on your meditation cushionClear your mind and practice being present. 

Day 19 - Set your direction with an affirmation

Day 20 - Awaken your potential with Practyce's Kundalini class

Day 21 - Practice the Pose of the Week - Extended Hand-to-Big Toe.  This pose helps improve your balance and posture while building strength and flexibility. 

Extended Hand-to-Big Toe Yoga Pose

Day 22 - Freshen up your yoga gear by giving it a good clean.

Day 23 - Prop yourself up with Yin Yoga. Practyce Moving Inward

Day 24 - Incorporate a new prop into your practice.  Check out our Yoga Prop Guide to learn more about the use of props. 

Day 25 - Introduce yoga to your little ones. Shop Kid's Yoga products.  Kid's Yoga Gear & Clothing

Day 26 - Take your yoga routine to the great outdoors and do it with ease with Aurorae's foldable On-the-Go yoga mat

Day 27 - Do your part and shop sustainable products

Day 28 - Practice the Pose of the WeekCrescent Moon Pose. This pose helps opens up the sides of your body while strengthening your core. Crescent Moon Pose

Day 29 - Help release tension or sore muscles with therapy accessories

Day 30 - Move and roll with tune-up balls. Try Practyce's Lower Legs and Feet Mobility class.