15 Reasons Why Yoga Pants are the New Jeans

Face it, yoga pants are every woman's best friend. They're there for you when you're super-dedicated to your practice, and when you're dedicated to that Ben & Jerry's ice cream (we've all been there).

As much as we love a good pair of denim, it's time for blue-jeans to take the bench. Here are 15 reasons why you should swap out your old jeans for a pair of yoga pants (you'll thank us later);

Photo Credit: Wanderlust Festival / Eric Ward

1. Did you just come from the yoga studio, or a Netflix marathon on your couch? No one will ever know.

2. They are the socially acceptable replacement to sweatpants. Seriously, wear them to the mall, we won't judge.

3. Yoga pants make everyone's butt look good. Everyone's

4. Prints are the new black. 

5. Yoga pants don't judge you when you eat five slices of pizza. In fact, you can eat the whole entire pizza and not have to worry about unbuttoning your pants.

6. Yoga pants and wine are an endless love affair.

7. Fashionistas, look no further-- you can make an easy transition from winter to spring. Yoga pants go great with boots + sweaters and gladiator sandals + tunics.

8. Generally, they are inexpensive in comparison to jeans-- so it's a win-win!

9. Conflicted on whether to hit the gym or happy hour with your colleagues? How about the gym, and then happy hour? Throw on some ballet flats and an over-size cardigan post-workout. It's magic. 

10. Is there anything comfier than yoga pants? Jeans don't even stand a chance.

11. Yoga pants make you look good, and more importantly feel good-- even if you fell off the health-wagon this past weekend. No one will notice. 

12. They double as pajamas, which makes packing for an overnight adventure a breeze. You can wear them to bed, and again on the plane the next day. It will be our little secret. 

13. There's something ultra-trendy about sipping fresh-pressed juice in a killer pair of yoga pants on a Sunday afternoon. 

14. They're really great for...wait for it...actually doing yoga. Who would have thought?

15. We've never met a yoga pant we didn't like, and that's the truth.

So there you have it, long live the yoga pants.