10 Reasons Why You Should Do More Yoga by the Ocean

The ocean—either you love it or you don't. Some like to roll out their mats in the salty air and dance in the swells, while others can't stand the sand and run away from the cold tides. No matter which category you fall in, you should learn to love yoga by the sea. Here's why, mermaids;

1. The minerals in sea-water help rejuvenate your skin by exfoliating and detoxifying, giving you a gorgeous glow
2. The sea salt gives your hair to-die-for mermaid waves and volume that no store-bought hair spray can replicate (no matter how hard they try)
3. The elements, micro-organisms, vitamins and minerals in seawater help to boost your immune system
4. Just by being out in the sun, you're contributing to your daily recommended Vitamin D (and vitamin “sea”) intake
5. The sand exfoliates your feet and legs, therefore acting as an all-natural pedicure (and who doesn't love a pedicure?)
6. Sun-kissed skin is the best accessory (just don't forget the SPF)
7. Salt water reduces inflammation and is said to help with injury
8. Salt water helps open up your pores, allowing your skin to soak up all of the necessary, natural nutrients
9. The ocean helps clear your mind, which will really compliment your meditation. Can you say, ocean minded?
10.  The best part? It's free!