10 Reasons to Start Yoga This Fall

Fall is the season that gives everyone the warm and fuzzies, but why? It could be because you get to dust off your knee socks, rock your favorite cardigan at the yoga studio, or maybe because it kicks off the holiday season (and who doesn't love pumpkins?). Whatever the reason, we're totally into the euphoric feeling that fall brings. It's the same euphoric feeling that we get when we roll up our yoga mats after a really great class. With that said, is there really anything better than yoga in the fall? 

Here are 10 reasons why you should start yoga this fall;

1. Just like a tree gets rid of its dead leaves during the fall, yoga helps us rid old worries and burdens that no longer serve us

2. Yoga pants (need we say more?)

3. You will deserve that pumpkin spice latte after your practice

4. The end of the year can be extremely stressful-- a de-stressing yoga sequence is your friend here (savasana, anyone?)

5. Fall is all about reflecting on what we are thankful for and expressing gratitude (as is yoga)

6. The air is crisp in the fall, take your practice outside for a refreshing perspective 

7. You can add knee socks and leg warmers to your wardrobe (hint: they are equal parts comfy and cute)

8. Yoga helps us stay lean during all the decadent holiday meals

9. The end of the year tends to be jam-packed and sometimes there isn't time for an entire yoga class or a 6-mile run-- luckily in yoga we learn how to breathe 

10. Yoga is the gift that keeps on giving, try it out and pass it on this holiday season (you'll be happy that you did)