How to Clear Your Mind + Manifest Your Desires for January’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

How to Clear Your Mind + Manifest Your Desires for January’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The first full moon of 2019 rises on January 21st — and it's a special one that's brewing some seriously powerful energy. It is a supermoon, meaning the moon is at its closest proximity to Earth, making it appear brilliantly big and bright. A total lunar eclipse is also taking place. On January 20th just before midnight (PST), the earth will move in between the sun and the moon, casting a shadow on the moon's face. The shadow is rust-red, categorizing this full moon as a “blood moon”.

All of this cosmic energy is sure to create an array of emotions, as well as an intense drive to make some serious shifts within ourselves and our lives. This uniquely powerful time offers a chance to break negative habits, release baggage, set intentions, and manifest your destiny. To harness all of the energy that abounds, here are a few rituals that can help you clear your mind, elevate your spirit, and manifest your dreams.

Surround Yourself with Crystals 💎
Crystals can intensify and align your energy with the effects of the full moon lunar eclipse. The total lunar eclipse is inviting you to release all burdens and old wounds that you wish to no longer carry with you.

Surround Yourself with Crystals 💎

Here are some crystals that can help you let go of the past and start anew:

Moonstone — It is helpful in clearing the intense energy that comes with a full moon. It can help give you a sense of balance during an emotional time. It also increases intuition and synchronicity.
Amethyst — With healing and protective qualities, this crystal is ideal for connecting to your higher self. It can help you deal with emotions that intensify during the full moon by increasing clarity, positivity, and a sense of calm.
Selenite — This is a water-based crystal that is associated with the tides during a full moon. It has cleansing properties that remove energy blockages from your body and mind to make room for positivity to flow in.
Clear Quartz — This crystal is equally powerful at amplifying the abundance that you have manifested, and at clearing what did not work out while purifying you for the next phase.

Draw Intuitive Oracle Cards from The Moon Deck 🔮🌙
With the intensity of lunar energy swirling around, you may be experiencing heightened sensitivity along with an activated and charged feeling. To calm your mind, remind yourself of your power, and get clear on your personal vision, draw some cards from The Moon Deck. It is an oracle deck that is inspired by the moon to offer insights on growth, purpose, and transformation through free personal exploration.

Draw Intuitive Oracle Cards from The Moon Deck 🔮🌙

To use The Moon Deck:

  1. Give your space sacred vibes with candles, essential oils, and soothing music.
  2. Energetically cleanse your deck with smudge smoke — such as white sage or palo santo
  3. Set your intention and ask any clarifying questions as you shuffle your deck. The process of shuffling transfers your energy to the cards as they attune to your current state and circumstances.
  4. Choose your card(s). Read the card meanings in the guidebook, contemplate how they apply to you personally, and put the suggested rituals into practice. 

Make Moon-Charged Water 💦
The moon amplifies energy, emotions, and our sixth sense. Its effects are strongest on a full moon, and shed light on what is hidden in our subconsciousness, often causing emotions to rise. You can take full advantage of the moon's transformational power by harnessing its cleansing energy with “moon water” — water that is charged by the energy of the moon!

Make Moon-Charged Water 💦

To make moon water:

  1. Fill a mason jar, bowl, or large jug with purified, spring, or distilled water.
  2. Place the container of water under the full moon for the entire night.
  3. Bless your water, set your intentions, and ask your higher power and the moon for assistance.
  4. The next morning your moon water will be ready for use!

To use moon water:

Crystals — Place your crystals in a jar with some moon water to energize, empower, and cleanse them.
Bath — Fill the tub with warm water, epsom salt, soothing bath soak, and a few cups of moon water.
Drink — Keep your moon water refrigerated in a reusable container and take a sip or two every day.
Sprays — Fill a spray bottle with some moon water and some essential oils for aura cleansing sprays.
Diffuse — Place moon water into your diffuser with essential oils to clear the air and enhance the energy.


What are some of your favorite ways to harness the power of the full moon + lunar eclipse energy? Share them with us in the comments below!