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Aurorae Slip Free Yoga Hand Towel

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Stop slipping on your yoga mat with the Slip Free Package. This package combines a super-absorbent and lush towel and a rosin bag to... Read More
  • SKU: SSP012
  • STYLE: 8127124

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  • SKU: SSP012
  • STYLE: 8127124

Stop slipping on your yoga mat with the Slip Free Package. This package combines a super-absorbent and lush towel and a rosin bag to increase your gripping power and absorb perspiration.


  • Package includes a slip-free yoga towel and rosin bag.
  • Yoga Towel: - Eco safe and hygienic. - Super-absorbent and lush microfiber. - Provides slip-free surface. - Hemmed on all sides. - Machine washable.
  • Rosin Bag: - All-natural material. - Powder made from trees, plants and rocks. - Odorless. - Rosin applied to hands, feet and mat before practice. - Increases gripping power and absorbs sweat.


  • Designed For: All Yoga Type
  • Material(s): - Towel: 80% Polyester, 20% Polycimide - Rosin: Calcium Carbonate from natural resources
  • Care & Storage: - Towel: Machine wash. - Rosin: Store in ziplock bag.
  • Dimensions: - Towel: 20" x 20"
  • Keywords: towel, rosin bag, anti-slip, absorbent, all natural, microfiber, machine washable, purple

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Aurorae is a family business, popular active lifestyle e-retailer, and yoga mat company founded in 2009 by yoga student and cancer survivor, Dennis Ingui. Cancer-free for more than 15 years, Ingui started practicing yoga as an outlet in his life to help build his body and develop inner peace of mind. Aurorae’s flagship Classic Yoga Mats became the top-rated yoga mats on after less than a year in operation, quickly making Aurorae one of the top yoga mat companies in the country. What started out as a hobby grew into an enjoyable venture for Ingui and his family.

In addition to Aurorae’s variety of yoga mats, designed for all levels of practice, Aurorae boasts a 5-Star feedback rating on all other products including yoga accessories and active lifestyle products. From a yoga mat company to so much more, Aurorae is looking forward to providing the best and most unique products available to the yoga and active communities.

In the last couple years, Aurorae has expanded beyond just a yoga mat company, and now offers a variety of high-quality yoga accessories, fitness and yoga apparel, accessories, aromatherapy products, and active lifestyle products such as swim towels and flip flops. Their product development team is consistently hard at work designing new eco-friendly, quality products for you to enjoy. They also partner with charities through the Aurorae Charitable Partners Donation Program to give back to communities and organizations in need.