new year yoga challenge
New Year Yoga Challenge
January 1st - 21st
Start 2023 by centering your body and mind to stretch the possibilities!
No Cost. No Sign Up Required.
Ring in 2023 with our gift of yoga delivered to you for 21 days with love
Feel the Love
A beautiful start to reconnect with yourself to set your intention for a positive year ahead
Explore the Movement
21 yoga classes of various lengths and focuses on starting the year anew
Discover the Magic
A chance to WIN a $500 Everyday Yoga gift card + 1-year Practyce membership
Awakening through yoga embodies the experience of self-awareness and transformation, discovering your true self is already your best self.
Daily Classes
Check in here every day of the challenge to enjoy each daily class for free.
Don’t miss out - the videos will be available for only 21 days!
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DAY 11
DAY 12
DAY 13
DAY 14
DAY 15
DAY 16
DAY 17
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DAY 19
DAY 20
DAY 21
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Your Teachers
Vaza (Vanessa) Racinet
Vanessa Racinet
Vaza infuses her Vinyasa foundation and multifaceted knowledge of yoga with a strong focus on proper alignment and total body awareness, helping her students to tune inwards to their bodies and reconnect with their inner teacher!
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KTaraneh Sarrafzadeh
Taraneh Sarrafzadeh
Taraneh’s yoga philosophy is to provide an empowering and harmonizing practice for the body, mind, and spirit. She guides her students to find these qualities of the practice to nurture each student’s path to self-discovery.
Read more about Taraneh
Joyce Anue
Joyce Anue
A long-time avid student and teacher of Hatha Yoga, Joyce Anue is an accomplished yoga therapist skilled at applying yoga to musculoskeletal issues. Her classes guide students to use yoga for pain relief and maximum body function.
Read more about Joyce
Dustin McCallister
Dustin McCallister
Dustin's martial arts background transfers to yoga focusing on biomechanics and alignment. His classes are vigorous, detail-oriented, and good-humored. You will expect rigor, caution, and attentive details to his asana instructions.
Read more about Dustin
Jessica Waters
Jessica Waters
Jessica's classes center around the ethos of encouragement and self-discovery; she supports her students to access their innate teacher through yoga and harnesses the practice to transform the body and mind.
Read more about Jessica
Nat Kendall
Nat Kendall
Nat shares his wisdom of the teachings that will awaken beginners and inspire experienced practitioners anew. Accessible for all levels of practitioners, his heartfelt and grounded classes will sure to enlighten your spiritual path and yogic journey.
Read more about Nat
Kent Bond
Kent Bond
Kent is a veteran teacher of Hatha yoga who incorporates the concept of Yoga Chikitsa or yoga therapy with the classical Ashtanga Vinyasa. His all-levels classes are not about fancy postures but a yoga practice that is solid and steady.
Read more about Kent
Ellen Cremer
Ellen Cremer
Ellen's classes have a unique quality of guiding the mind and body in movement and stillness. Her sequencing is intentionally spacious, allowing opportunities to cultivate awareness to fit the uniqueness of each student's needs.
Read more about Ellen
Janice Allermann
Janice Allermann
Slow and precise movements characterize Janice´s classes. She is experienced in various yoga styles and incorporates elements from Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin Yoga into her teachings. Her classes will guide you to feel more connected with yourself.
Read more about Janice
Cindy Walker
Cindy Walker
A yoga teacher with over 25 years of teaching experience in the health and wellness world, Cindy Walker teaches a variety of yoga styles and is known for her eclectic flair that weaves comprehensive wellness disciplines into her classes.
Read more about Cindy
Michelle Bouvier
Michelle Bouvier
With diverse movement background and 20+ years in yoga, Michelle teaches with skillful eyes that synthesize yogic awareness, intelligent biomechanics, and functional movement patterns for her students to find pathways toward the state called "yoga."
Read more about Michelle
Christie Pitko
Christie Pitko
Christie teaches alignment-based flow and enjoys helping students stay curious about the inner landscape of their bodies and minds.
Read more about Christie
Nick Loffree
Nick Loffree
Nick is a mindful movement and self-healing coach. His Tai Chi classes will teach you breathwork and meditative movement to heal you from the inside out.
Read more about Nick
Koren Kiener
Koren Kiener
Koren's classes encompass creative sequencing and thoughtful alignment cues with a true mind, body, and heart connection. She inspires students to discover greater presence, strength, compassion, and authenticity on and off the mat.
Read more about Koren
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